Yves Saint Laurent YSL Cigarettes

Written By bryanboy

Georgi from Salt Lake City, Utah

Georgi from Salt Lake City, Utah (I typed it out loud because Yewww-tahhhh sounds so lovely and so exotic) sent me a little packet a few months ago… as in LAST YEAR. It’s absolutely ridiculous to be honest but what can we do? Gotta love good ol’ third world post office. I’ve sent/received far too many things in the post and they always fuck me up for some reason. It’s not unusual for folk to tell me they haven’t received anything from me… and I’ve also had people telling me they sent me things only to find out that my box is empty. Oh well.

Georgi mail from Salt Lake City, UT envelope

Click click click to see what Georgi sent me!

I love getting things in the mail. I really do. There’s something nice in opening a package not knowing where it’s from or what’s inside it… like a surprise.

Georgi sent me this package back on December 3, 2007. Oi vey!

There’s a holiday card inside it.

Georgi mail from Salt Lake City, UT envelope

Fashion icon? EEEK! Lauren Conrad is dat chu?
Post-modern artist? GASP!!

Babe are you on drugs?

I actually feel kind of sorry for you to think that way because I know I’m a crazy ass clusterfuck of a faggot but my god… I’m truly, truly, truly flattered with your compliments.

You’re soo sweet!

But what’s sweeter is this…

Yves Saint Laurent YSL cigarettes

YVES SAINT LAURENT CIGARETTES Y’ALL! Someone went to France without me. Hahaha!

I love these cigarettes! I’m not big on menthol but YSL ciggies are the best… and the only time I’ll make an exception. I already smoked half of a pack. Eeek!

I love, love, love, LOVE your packet Georgi. For realz. The best things in life are truly the simplest and thoughtful things. You’re the best!!!! =)

Now who wants to send me a Graff ring by Fedex?

Hahahaha! Just kidding.

I love you all!


  1. Georgi Georgiev

    Thanks for the post, cute BryanBoy! You’re the best!!! Happy St.Valentine’s! :-)

  2. ommmggg i totally used to smoke those when i lived in mejico last summer…soo ludicrous, i love them

  3. “Utah sounds so lovely and exotic” –> NOT (except for SLC and Park City, since they don’t look like the rest of the crappy state)! Unless you’re a mormon or Bush-loving redneck who doesn’t even know how a cellphone works, Utah ain’t the state to be in!

  4. lady rain

    bryan, there are still some stores here in the third world that sells these YSL ciggies. and yes, they are verrrry fabulous. they kept my sanity intact when I was working on my thesis.
    you are absofuckinlutely fabulous!

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