Supermodels Support Cotton T-Shirts

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Supermodels Support Cotton T-Shirts

I just bought this cute, limited edition Luella Bartley organic cotton t-shirt from the "Supermodels Support Cotton" campaign by the Environmental Justice Foundation.

Luella Bartley for Environmental Justice Foundation Supermodels Support Cotton t-shirt

Each t-shirt is available for £30 each + £5 for worldwide shipping. They’re all ethically made with 100% organic cotton and designed by Luella Bartley, Christian Lacroix, Betty Jackson and Katharine Hamnett. Proceeds from sales will benefit the Environmental Justice Foundation. What are you waiting for? Go, go, go. Buy, buy, buy! It’s for a good cause. Click here to shop.

PS. Sasha Pivovarova was a goner from Prada’s fall 2008 fashion show. Who will take Sasha’s throne? My bet is on that gorgeous Angelina Jolie doppelganger named Natalia. HOTNESS!

RIP Sasha Pivovarova Prada missing fall 2008


  1. Lloyd's of London

    According to, “The Russian-born, New York-based supermodel, it turns out, is still recovering from an unspecified illness and has been under the weather for weeks now. According to her agent, she was able to walk only in Anna Sui in New York and planned to fly to Milan where she is usually requested by virtually every top house, but did not recover in time. The intellectual beauty is hoping to make it out to the Paris shows next week. We wish her well.”
    I hope she makes it to Paris. Get well quick Sasha!!! I so miss your “I’m going to kill you with my feline stare” runway look.

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