Soy Una Cerda

Written By bryanboy

Soy Una Cerda

This video is HILARIOUS! I died. DIED!!!!! Don’t forget to turn your volume up… though it’s not a good idea if you’re in the office.

Soy Una Cerda = I’m a pig. I love this old woman. I really do. I wish my grandma was just like her!

Vogue Espana
Meanwhile, if you can read Spanish, check out my little ickle mention at Vogue Espana. OH YES! They told their readers that apparently, I’m a size 34 which is pretty much a size zero. Oh how I bloody wish. Hahaha! Does that mean I’m banned from the runways of Madrid? JK.

Bryanboy <3s papi chulo Roberto Enriquez & VOGUE ESPANA!!


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