Shawarma Warmak

Written By bryanboy

Shawarma Warma

When my cousin called me this afternoon to invite me to my aunt’s bday party, the first thing I asked was: "is it raining where you are?" It was rather cloudy in my neck of the woods and I haven’t been at the best of health the past few days (I have a cold) but truth be told, I was excited when he said it was raining in his area. Why? I have the perfect excuse to go out and layer a little. Summer in the third world is just around the corner so I might as well take advantage of the weather and max it all out.

Winter wonderland much, you ask? Nah. Everything I had on was pretty much lightweight, from my tulle car coat to the gray zip cardigan by Duerr Manila. When you’re practically living on paracetamol and have a 38-degree fever but still want to go out for the sake of fresh air (and good ol’ camwhoring), you need all the help you can get.

Click click click and let’s play pictionary!

Because it was a long drive to my aunt’s place, we popped by at the gas station to load some fuel, raid the convenience store for candy and drinks and of course, play some pictionary!

Bryanboy at the gas station in Demonia Boots, John Galliano leggings, missoni belt used as a scarf, gray cardigan, tulle car coat

Bryanboy at the gas station in Demonia Boots, John Galliano leggings, missoni belt used as a scarf, gray cardigan, tulle car coat

This sign was hilarious and nifty so I thought it would be cool to take a few pics here and there. Work it bitch, work!

Bryanboy at the gas station in Demonia Boots, John Galliano leggings, missoni belt used as a scarf, gray cardigan, tulle car coat

During one of the shots, my sister and I heard this man who squealed "Uyyyy si Bryanboy iyun ha!"
Translation: "Ohhhhh that’s Bryanboy eh!"

We then saw a group of like 6 or 7 "normal" people pass us by and it was very awkward. I know I should be used to it but to this date, it still freaks me out when people call me by the name but they don’t identify themselves or they won’t come up to me. I mean seriously, you know it’s ME so why call me out but like not come up to me… if you know what I mean.

Anyway, my sis tried to take a photo of the men but it was too late and she only managed to capture this:

Bryanboy at the gas station in Demonia Boots, John Galliano leggings, missoni belt used as a scarf, gray cardigan, tulle car coat

Scary, no? I have no idea how on earth they knew "me" considering they don’t really look like my typical demographic. That’s ok though. Like what I always said in the past, I’m an equal opportunity lover and I love everybody!

It’s just strange, I guess. Hello! Old normal men at the gas station? Kerrrr-azzy!

We tried to take a few more shots but I got all freaked out so we wrapped it up. Totally killed my mood. UGH! But yeah.. pictionary is so easy to do, it’s all wham bam wham, 20 photos a minute etc and we’re done in less than 5.

This is an awful image. I look like a hunchback whore.

Bryanboy at the gas station in Demonia Boots, John Galliano leggings, missoni belt used as a scarf, gray cardigan, tulle car coat


After the gas station we went to a supermarket near my aunt’s to see whether or not there’s something of interest to give her. I figured it was best to like bring a bottle or two of booze and some flowers and then follow-up with a real present later.

At the supermarket, I saw a shawarma place!!!

OMG I haven’t had shawarma in AGES… I think the last time I had shawarma was about a year and a half ago.

Carnivores of the world, feast your eyes on this.

So off I ordered one with the thought that if I ate the entire thing, maybe I’ll eat less at my aunt’s party. Family gatherings usually involve terrible buffets and you are forced to eat no matter how bad the food is because well, it’s family. At least I could say I already ate and I wasn’t hungry that much.

Unfortunately, my shawarma was a disaster. The meat wasn’t warm enough and it had absolutely no taste. You can’t identify where the meat came from. Is it lamb? Is it beef? Is it what, horse meat? I had to pour a bucketload of hot sauce on my shawarma in order for it to become a little more palatable (or should I say EDIBLE).

Screw that shit. It was sad. *sigh* I really shouldn’t expect more from these so-called mom-and-pop operations. They remind me of this time I went to a Japanese restaurant in Reykjavik, Iceland a few years ago (I had a massive craving for Japanese that night) and when my sushi platter arrived, some of the pieces had CARROTS and CABBAGE in it. Yes! Carrots! Cabbage! Sushi! Slices of boiled carrots with sticky rice and seaweed wrap. Yikes!

Oh well.

We then went my aunt’s party blah blah blah. Instead of my pictionary outfit earlier, I wore a black tee and the cardigan instead.

Werrrk it like you own it!

And there you have it. Anyway, I’ve been up for more than 24 hours now so I’m gonna take a quick nap. I’m knackered to the bone! I really can’t afford to be sick this week because I have so many things to do on my plate.

Keep in touch as always! I love each and every one of you. MY email address is or SMS +63.915.785.1492.

I love you all!


  1. I thought you’re trying to gain weight but why on earth is your chest so bony on the first pic?
    Tsk tsk tsk! Bad habits never die…

  2. You are beautiful. I love it. hahahaha
    I texted you a looong message filled with more love, oh, and can you receive picture messages? I plan on sending you photos of gorgeous nearly-dead elderly men who live in $$$ country clubs, LOL.
    hugs xoxoxo

  3. I love your outfit BB. And I’m sick too so I can sympathize but unlike yourself I don’t quite feel “camera-friendly” atm. Feel better!
    P.S. The Best Shawrma’s are in Dubai!!!

  4. somebody NEEDS to go to shopping….Ive seen those leggins of you like 313151341 times already.

  5. oh please
    that shawarma was just for show we know you don’t eat. joanne was right. your chest is screaming CLAVICLE central

  6. because you’re sick with cough and colds and did doze up with some meds, maybe that’s why the shawarma wasn’s that appealing to your taste buds

  7. I swear that’s AsianH! Exactly where I go for my ciggy. I swear you are so skinny! And is number 3 after the slab of meat photo, your best farting pose?! It’s the let the air out BB pose :0)

  8. oh no oh no i love this pictionary! this is the best one yet (for me at least)
    bryanboy for paper mag? vmag?? dazed? marc jacobs ad?? i love it. I LOVE the 3rd one! (3rd from shawarmies)
    and oh btw maybe joiz13 was right. food, no matter how delicious, tastes like crap if you’re sick

  9. whoa?! how come i never get to see you in public?! hehe, you could bet on pre-rehab Galliano’s life i would come up to you, say hi, and, well, play pictionary! haha,, ur kewl!

  10. jelena g

    love the outfit!
    xoxo from Croatia for you, anorexic 5-year old boy!

  11. Arent you the reincarnation of Beavis…Beavis and Butt-head? you look Anorexic..dont you think you are sending that kind of message?

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