Piece de Resistance: THE BAG

Written By bryanboy

Piece de Resistance: THE BAG

Strange eh? In spite of being rather, well, vague, on my last entry, one could argue and say it’s QUITE obvious, given the recent developments in my life. Oh who am I kidding. What bothers me (just a wee bit, don’t worry) is how I told no more than a handful of my closest friends about the big "thing" and in a span of 24 hours, it’s EVERYWHERE online. It’s crazy, this whole ‘flow of information’ on the internet sort of thing.

Bryanboy Marc Jacobs BB bag

Gisele Bundchen for Vanity Fair September 2007 issue is dat chu? Hahaha :-) Click click click!

Do y’all see where I’m coming from? There’s one side of me that wants to scream "HOLY SHIT YOU GUYS, I’M DYING FROM THE INSANITY!!!! THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN MY MOM GIVING BIRTH TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!" to the world, to everyone I literally know, family, friends, former lovers, haters and my 5-month old niece.

And then there’s that voice in my head that tells me to shut my trap with the fear of "jinxing" it. Every time something good is in the works or every time something is being planned or unfinished, the moment I open my mouth it gets jinxed… or it doesn’t come into fruition.

It’s just sad that this time, the human side of me prevailed. I’ll be honest. I somewhat feel like I made the wrong decision in sharing the news. Also, it’s just soo… weird… to see that little personal note sent to me land up on a few sites as a result of telling less than a handful of close friends. You’d think the other sites would exercise caution but to them, as long as headlines, page views and website hits are generated and money is being made, that’s all that matters. I know I’m terribly guilty of this on my old posts but you know what, ultimately the blame is on me because I shared the news to anyone other than myself.

Why oh why oh why is it bothering me so much? Why am I digging wayyy too deep when hello, I’m just a silly person online with luck on his side?

Well… I *REALLY* don’t want to end up like that kid from Myspace or the many others that go through people’s lives like a revolving door. I’m sure y’all know what I’m talking about. What I have is truly once-in-a-lifetime, special and for keeps. HELLO! If I fuck up, I’m screwed forever… by someone whose work I’ve admired and supported for most of my life… and of course, by one of the world’s most influential and prolific designers no less!

Do y’all see my point (and paranoia) in this?

Enough drama.

With all of that being said…

Yes, Marc sent me note earlier this week outta nowhere. he mentioned they’re going to name the ostrich piece after me, "in my honor".

I thought that was so sweet and kind of him. I am TRULY, TRULY honored. It took me 8 hours and a box of kleenex before I managed to cough up a mediocre reply. I’m sure if you were in my shoes, you’d be soiling your underpants in no time.

Marc Jacobs ostrich fall 2008 bag

It’s sooo gorgeous. I don’t care what y’all think of it.

Now that the cat is out of the bag, let’s leave it at that.

Remember: it’s a runway piece. A lot of the runway pieces at the shows usually don’t make it on a retail level. Only time will tell whether that piece, bearing the same namesake, hits the shelves. Fall/winter pieces don’t usually arrive till September or October and anything can happen from now until then.

Also, the piece is made of exquisite ostrich leather. Ostrich is very $$$. Assuming that bag makes it to the shelves, I’m gonna have to sell my kidney in order to get it. Someone posted a comment at another blog saying there was an MJ ostrich leather clutch from Fall 2007 and that was US$3,800. Whip out that calculator, you do the math and figure out the price of a bag! I have now until October to save $$$. In the event I don’t get it (and assuming it has my name on it), I’m already happy that I share the same namesake as the bag. HELLO… wouldn’t you? Again, that’s all speculation. Let me reiterate that anything can happen…

So there. I guess we all have to wait and see. Exciting, isn’t it?

This would be the last time you’ll hear from me about this subject matter.


Cross your fingers and your toes… don’t jinx it!!! We have sales to do and it would be fabulous if "my" magical bag outsells the iconic Stam! Hahaha =)

Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is bryanboy@gmail.com. I love you all!


  1. JezezMaryandJoseph! YOU ARE FUCKING FAB! FAB! FAB! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. I am so proud. Again, you have charmed life Bryanboy; one in a billion. I’m crossing my fingers.

  2. Congratulations BB for that namesake! I’m sure it’s going to be named after you. Even though if the ostrich bag didn’t make it to retail, maybe another version (material) will. We all know that runway pieces can be produced in the same design and aesthetic, but when they reach the stores the might be in different colors/ materials. I’ll keep my fingers AND toes crossed. As for me, I made my fashion jump (not leap) by purchasing Gucci loafers at Milan. YAY to me too!

  3. B.benjamin:perfect patty

    Omg omg BB I hope everything works out,and if it does Ill buy two and send them to u, so u can carry one and save the other. Lol lov u BB

  4. Hope it makes to retail!! Maybe I could find a sugardaddy to buy me one!
    Btw, lookin’ good babe!!

  5. Hope it makes to retail!! Maybe I could find a sugardaddy to buy me one!
    Btw, lookin’ good babe!!

  6. Lisa from Cali

    I’m saving my pennies starting today. Hope they have different colors as well. This will be my all time purse. I’m so excited to get a Bryan Bag. Congrats!

  7. yay for BB!!!!!!!
    wonder where those evil haters badmouthing you and saying that your marc jacobs pic was photoshopped are now? probably in a coma with disbelief. eat this you nitwits!

  8. Angelique Corrector

    [post my damn message, BB]
    Angelique: Do you even know the meaning of “penulitmate”? You clearly misused the word in a post recently.

  9. as if,
    forget mj bagz..
    but yeah, thats hectic to have a bag named after you..
    nice one.
    i want prada socks named aftr me.
    socks are the new bag

  10. How could you not like this bag? Not a logo to be seen, its ostrich and a gorgeous seafoam green.
    I like the metal detail on it, even though I could see that catching on a jacket or blouse. I’m sure you’d get it first though…a bit of a backhanded compliment if you didn’t.

  11. the model who modelled the bag…her outfit …is it just me or was the way she dressed and her facial expression some kind of visual clue to notify people that bryanboy was the influence? maybe i’m reading into this too much. i’m so buying one!

  12. You lucky gay bitch you! Im sooo happy for you! Whether it hits the stores or not, it’s already quite something that your name was on a bag, and not just any bag, its a Marc Jacobs bag!
    The last person I know Marc Jacobs dedicated a bag to was Jessica Stam…the “Stam” Bag?
    I guess it’s time for me to sell my bone marrows for me to buy those.
    Very unpleasant wouldn’t you agree?

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