I spent the entire day at my grandma’s house this weekend and on our way back, we stopped by the gas station to stretch, smoke, buy some nibbles, etc.


At the convenience store, there were 2 very young girls behind me on the check-out line. They kept yapping and yapping and yapping and said some of the most hilarious things ever. Just like that. If you are gonna whisper, make sure nobody else can hear it otherwise, what’s the point?

Girl #1: Uuuy si Bryanboy yan ha!
(Oooh that’s Bryanboy!)

Girl #2: Anung gagawin niya sa red bull? Ang dami naman.
(What is he gonna do to all that red bull? That’s a lot.)

*BTW I had 5 red bulls, some water, a bag of chips and some chewing gum on my basket*

Girl #1: Ipangliligo niya!
(He’s gonna bathe in it.)

*they laughed so hard I ended up looking at them really quick but it was my turn at the counter so I asked the guy for 3 packs of marlboros*

One of the girls: Ayyyy chain smoker. (in a really condescending tone)

*After paying for my loot, I saw what they were holding and the bitches had 3 bags of chips ahoy.*

Me: Chips Ahoy. Niiiiiiiiiiiice! I LOOOOOVE binge and purge Sundays!

and I left the store. I lit a cigarette as soon as I got out and one of the girls screamed "Bryanboy we love you!!!" and gave me a fuck you finger.