Not funny.

Written By bryanboy

Not funny.

I’ve had my own fair share of psycho freaks in my humble blogging career of four years. Some of you know that the freakiest moment (so far) has got to be the time when a bunch of girls followed me and my grandma to the hospital and took pictures at the parking lot.

Well, I got up this morning with the maids telling me that some man left these awful posters on our doorstep.

I have about 20 posters along with what seemed to be hundreds of animal-rights whatever flyers, pamphlets, leaflets, etc. Just like that. PETA Philippines/PETAAsia Pacific, if you are reading this blog entry you are barking at the wrong tree.

The funny thing is that they think they can scare me with these awful images but hello… I’m a big fan!

Anna Wintour, check. Donna Karan, check. Can you believe it took PETA four friggin years to target my ass? Someone’s got an awful lot of spare time on their hands. Oh and contrary to what some of you think, no, I have not ballooned to 300 pounds. I have finally reached my goal weight of 130 recently as I’ve been eating and exercising a lot. It’s not easy, you know? Well, my goal this year is to be athletic. Whatever that is.

Some of the junk I received today. There’s more of that where they came from.

Peta targets Bryanboy

I’ll wear my Lagerfeld Gallery fox when I burn that trash this weekend.


  1. wow bryan you gained some weight. i think you look better with some flesh. love ya =)

  2. Lloyd's Of London

    Girl you’re lookin’ good! It’s like you resurrected yourself from bag of bones to some lean mean fightin machine a la top model Vlada R. Go you!!
    And oh yeah!

  3. OH gosh, it seems there’s no trace of feminity in this particular picture!
    Walang bahid ng kabadingan ang kuha mo dito BRB! Even the color of your shirt and pants reflects masculinity!
    Sino mag-aakala na bading ka dito sa mga hindi nakakakilala sa yo! Aber! Hay matatanso mo sila BRB sa picture na ito!
    Hahaha, naitago mo ang yong kabadingan kahit man lang sa picture na ito!
    Kalokah ka BRB!

  4. thelovebug

    omg bryan, you look awesome! Its good that you trashed the manorexic look. I love you!

  5. ooh la la, bryan, you look so gorgeous! honestly, i don’t think i’ve ever seen you look so hott/FABULOUS!!!! maybe it’s the hair, your athletic figure, or makeup, i dunno… but you look so AMAZING! & don’t let those peta people get you down! they’re utterly crazy!!!

  6. oh peta. i have nothing much against them but i think sometimes they just go too far with their stuff, you know.

  7. Peta is so fucking stupid, really. They’re just awful people, rude, pushy, obnoxious.
    I’m sure no one enjoyed it when their parents forced them to change their outfit at 13 because it wasn’t ‘appropriate’. So why would that same thinking work now? This sounds like threatening/intimidation. Be careful the next time you leave the house PETA have a history of throwing stuff/vandalizing :(
    Anyway is PETA even that big of a presence there?

  8. haha now that’s an attituide!!! burning peta shit while wearing a fancy fur :))))))) so glamorous ;)

  9. and when did we start having peta in pinas? kasi ba there are so many people wearing fur and leather na? XD that is so OA ha!

  10. ZOMG looking athletic and fab!
    hilary rhoda is dat chu?
    those are possibly the only respectable denim shorts I’ve ever seen! who are they?

  11. i fucking agree. iv been reading your blog so much and this is the best picture of you, honestly. looking fucking sexy, keep it up ;)

  12. chris m

    this is really sad. your right, its not funny. its not funny that disgusting people like you think its ok to torture an animal for fur, meat or whatever. and I just want to let you know, you dont look sexy in these pictures, you look pathetic.

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