Nils Butler: MAGNUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Written By bryanboy

Nils Butler: MAGNUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meet Nils Butler. He’s with Ford Homme in Paris and I saw him at COACD the other day.

Nils Butler

He is so my new favorite male mowdil. Hot sex on a bloody fuckin pogo stick, I have never seen anyone do ‘Magnum’ better than him. Are you ready? Click click click!


Nils Butler

Zoolander Magnum

And Karolina…. go!

Nils Butler

Nils Butler

OMG my pussy is crying right now.

Nils Butler

What do y’all think?


  1. He’s cute but he’s “too modely” if that makes sense. I like Terron much better. He looks more down to earth, dark and smoky. I do love this guy’s abs though. Btw Bryan, lately when I come to your site random audio plays and I don’t know how to stop it! Yesterday it was BBC Radio and today it’s 2 people talking!

  2. My mangina just EXPLOTED!!!
    That’s a HOT HOT HOT TWINK!!!
    is he gay? I FUCKING HOPE SO.

  3. Troutpout

    So where’s he from? Are those Teutonic cheekbones? Scandinavian? Or British lad?
    I need to know in what accent he’ll be speaking to me ;) If I would have to look straight into those steely blues, I swear, I would blush like a 13 year old teenage girl (or did 13 year old girls stop doing that?)

  4. suuublllimme; i think he s as sexy as eugen in his way…
    he s really handsome ,sexy

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