Malin Ones, Just Cavalli Fall Winter 2008-2009

Written By bryanboy

Malin Ones, Just Cavalli Fall Winter 2008-2009

Check out the legs of Malin Ones, the girl who opened the Just Cavalli Fall/Winter 2008-2009 fashion show in Milan. Her legs are soo lean and sooo long! I wish mine were like that.

Don’t y’all hate aging? I swear, everything goes to my hips and my upper thighs the more years I add to my books. Ugh.


  1. Her legs dont look naturally thin and it’s a bit of a put-off when a model looks like she is about to collapse from lack of strength. She cant even walk in those heels! What’s wrong with her being 24? I saw you laughing about that over on ontd_ff. Just wondering.

  2. Holy smurphs! Concentration camp chic?
    Those girls are about as sexy as dressed up toothpicks.

  3. I have fairly thin legs and I like thin legs on other people, but hers are too thin and I don’t think it looks good..
    Your legs are better Bryanboy. (And so are mine, if I do say so myself.)

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