Louis Vuitton: The Journey TV Commercial

Written By bryanboy

Louis Vuitton: The Journey

A few fashionistas over at Fashionista thought of Louis Vuitton’s first TV commercial as a joke. I’m thinking quite the opposite. I *LOVE* the commercial! It’s quite moving and touching. In fact, the message is crystal clear to me. IMO, the folks at luxury powerhouse Louis Vuitton went back and paid homage to their roots: the art of travel. Afterall, travel is an integral part of the brand’s DNA. Nowhere in this commercial you’ll find the usual flash flash "bling" stereotype the average Joe associates with Vuitton. I think it’s a nice little flashback to the bygone era where only the traveling set knows about the historical and cherished by millions monogram.

See for yourself. It’s very beautiful, no? I love the shot with the girl inside the car staring at her window. I *so* know that feeling!!!

Where will life take me? Well, I would say one day I want to visit Asnieres where the Louis Vuitton Museum is located. Unfortunately, it’s not open to the public… the chances of that happening are pretty much slim to none so I would say life will take me to hmmm… I know, Le Depot in Paris! Hahaha! JK.

Oi, I’ve been there once (we all have our first time) and it was hilarious. Even my gay French friends were shocked. I don’t see the big deal, really.


  1. vd woodsen

    I agree everything what you said, Fashionista, had sadly becoming so superficial rather being intelligent.
    Ie depot is hard to get in? DISH DISH

  2. The images are great, but sorry BB, IMO the copy is terribly dumb. I like to kill the copywriter and the boss who approved it. Ya just genius, “where will life take you”????? AARGGGGGG

  3. love it. especially because i’ve been travelling for half a year already in europe(with another 1 and a half to go). thanks for your site love how you feature everything i love! i suddenly miss my family and friends in manila because of this site.

  4. I also blogged about the film, after seeing it on Fashionista. I was inspired as well, but it sort of abruptly ended when I couldn’t carry that experience over to their website. They should have produced a more elaborate microsite to talk more about the Journey and immerse the audience into that world, instead of just having a film and … that’s about it. And meanwhile, check out the new collection from Pharrell!
    You’ve seen the prada film right? Totally different story but also just as lovely in its own way. Trembling Blossoms: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5W_gII_fLQ

  5. I hate to say this, since I tend to hate all advertising on principle, but it’s actually a beautiful ad. My favourite thing about it is what it’s not: blingy, overhyped, logo-a-gogo! Even the LV monogram features only in these sort of secretive, shadowy shots – as though a gilded carriage were being drawn through a small village by four regally dressed horses and as they were passing over a rough spot in the road, the drawn curtains parted slightly to reveal the profile of the French queen sitting inside… There’s something sacred and rare about the way the monogram appears here. Kudos to the folks at LV.
    Pity the real world doesn’t really resemble the ad though. Seems like everywhere I go, there are fake LV bags being shoved in my face – 16 year olds on trams carry them for chrissake!
    Thanks for getting back to me about the Valentino song, btw. :)

  6. does anyone know what song is played in the background of this commercial?

  7. Does a person create the journey or
    does a journey create the person???

  8. Jeanette Coleman

    This ad has had such a profound impact upon my life that I am now doing a self evaluation of where life has taken me. I truely ask myself did I create the journey? or is the journey creating me?

  9. honestly, the quote is great, the commercial is very nice, however that’s exactly what their trying to do. They try to lure in people using a commercial that provokes thinking. (Advertising at its best/worst) To be completely honest though, going on a “life journey” has very little to do with Louis Vuitton. Pleasant ad, but I wouldn’t self-evaluate your life based on a commercial about purses…

  10. Louis Vuitton is not just a purses. The company have been making luggage for traveling since 1880. I believed the ad showing relate life travel and people who love to travel will understand. The company was well known ways back in late coloniel time of the best and durable luggage they made before all went to making fashion runway and Hollywood craz. We all do love a good durable last forever luggage.

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