Juergen Teller is dat chu? Go Sees is dat chu?

Written By bryanboy

Juergen Teller is dat chu? Go Sees is dat chu?

HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!!!! THIS IS PURE BRILLIANCE! LOL!!!!!!!! One of my readers just wrote a comment on my site and boy she was right. Those candid pics of my loot last night sortakindabutnotreally looks like Juergen Teller for Marc Jacobs photographs! It’s Saturday afternoon, I’m bored and I don’t really have anything to do so I took these super random, super candid photos in less than 5 minutes. No make-up, no hair product, no lip gloss, no nothing. Let me know what you think.

Anna, these pictures are for you! Click click click!

As always, let me know the # of the image you like the best.

#2 It started with these random shots…

#3 When I say candid, I really mean CANDID.

#4 – Well?

#5 – Meoooow…

#6 – No, I didn’t eat the canary.

#6 – I mean it!

#7 – Boo fucking hoo!

It was at this point I realized OMFG, I am so gonna wear my Victoria Beckham for Marc Jacobs t-shirt!

The Posh Spice tee is not available in the Philippines so I asked my friend who lives in NYC to buy me one and then I’ll just pay him via paypal. He went to the Marc by Marc Jacobs store on Bleecker the day it went out and even took a photo of Kyle Avila wearing my tee with a sign pic. Some of you might remember my blog entry about it.

Anyway, I went to the post office yesterday afternoon to pick up my mail from my PO Box… lo and behold my tee arrived a month later. This isn’t bad considering the cigarettes someone sent me from Utah arrived like 2-3 months.

The tee is a size medium but on me it looks like ONE SIZE FITS OBESITY.

But that’s ok. I like some of my tees baggy. I had to have this t-shirt and I don’t want to wait until size small comes out.

#8 – RAWR!!!

#9 – I showed these pics to one of my friends and this is the one she loved the best.

#10 – Wonky eye

#11 – God I look rough on this one. I told you it’s all raw hahaha….

#12 – Oh the things that we do to ourselves…

#13 Oh happy days…

#14 – Do you love Kyle Avila’s sign??? Hahaha!

But the fiercest one I think has got to be this… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG!!!

Well, what do you think? Hilarious eh?

Oh dear.

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I love you all!


  1. MIKE!!!!!
    thank you for sending me the t-shirt!! hhaha next time we’ll use johnny air!!!!!
    gurl, why are you awake at 3:33AM in nyc??? tsk

  2. i love the candidness of your pictures! these are much more fun that your usual photos!
    #2 = FIERCE!

  3. bryan! you shoulda worn something marc in your photochop advert! this set is very M.I.A. in the current marc by marc ads. i love it, “ONE SIZE FITS OBESITY”. hilarious.

  4. i like #9!
    you really made me laugh so hard with these photos.
    i <3 bryanboy!!!

  5. how old are you BB???
    i read it somewhere and you said you are 17… is this true???

  6. #6 and #11… but the very last is the best. you are sooo the next face of marc jacobs!!! one size fits obesity lol.

  7. Wow
    First glance it looks a bit trashy then I saw the whole set and it’s totally Juergen Teller.
    #2 is the best!

  8. jayzeetee

    i love this batch of cam whoring that you did! it show the different side of you bryan boy! its all about you and you personality.. every pose and every facial expression…. fabulous! just like tyra banks photos in here in and out beauty book( yours is just way better than hers!!)

  9. mmmm. i’d luv to bite kyle avila’s nipps!
    all ur pics bboy is the hotness! fag on
    i <3 bb

  10. HAHAH i feel so honored :)
    #9 and #10 are definitely best outta the lot, but the one with you in your knickers are hotter.

  11. bahahahah !!!! yea !! i cant wait for the tees to arrive in hk… but wondering if its stilll on sale…since my fren is there just today or something..hmmm hopefully its available…
    you look great b.boy ! :)

  12. 12! oh, look at those slightly opened lips. hahaha! and oh, a MJ ad is not very impossible, probably when that BB bag becomes a reality, he would get you. ohyeah!

  13. Jesse The Mr. Perfect

    Bryan I love the “butch” picture with the claws and the scary face. It suits you. Just add some converse all-stars “Chucks” and you’ve got the complete package. Kisses from San Diego!

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