JD Ferguson at Models.com

Check out this cool and candid Models.com interview featuring my man JD. I don’t know about you but I think it’s always nice to see the people you talk to on a regular basis (wherever they are in the world) on video. Listen to him share some insight and wisdom about modelling, being a model (yes!), being a photographer and more. I love JD. He’s the man!

To see more of Miss JD’s work (he’s working the NY backstage hardcore, taking hundreds… TONS of brilliant photographs) visit V Magazine’s blog today. Thanks, btw, Models.com, for the vid.

Some of my favourite boys, Terron Wood (Nautica), Garrett Neff (Perry Ellis) and Lawrence Stiers (Z Zegna). Lawrence LEARN HOW TO CRACK A SMILE, YOU HAVE NICE TEETH tsk!!! :-P

Terron Wood, Garrett Neff, Lawrence Stiers
Photo credit: JD Ferguson