How do you say SCARY in 100 languages?

Holy gaylord studded hysteric glamour batman! Even I was shocked. The following photo set is for the gays. I think it’s nice to play a character and ditch my inner fem bot for a change. I mean hello, we all know I’m one heck of a flaming clusterfuck but who knew I had this… whatever you call this… in me. Let’s play gender bender again, shall we?

Tranny? What tranny? Click click click!

As always, tell me which one is your favourite photo of them all.

#2 I have a secret to tell you guys but promise you won’t make fun of me, mmmkay?

#3 I can’t hear you! OK. Now.

#4 As you all know, I’m a little dunzo with my pro-ana ways. I also rediscovered the joys of eating and exercising again.

#5  I had this weird wake up call that being wayyy too thin makes me look older than what
I am and it’s always nice to have a little bit of flesh, just a little
bit. Let’s face it, I’m not getting any younger these days and I shouldn’t waste my youth away. 

#6 – Is it getting hot in here or what? Let me take off my jacket.

#7 So I gained LOADS of weight. Big deal! Whatevs. But I think I look heaps better, no? Let me flex…

#8 I think I’m happy with what I am now except I need to tone up. Just a wee bit. My male model friend told me that I shouldn’t gain weight way too fast otherwise I’d get "skinny jiggly fat", which, I think, I have now.

#9 Anyhooo… the good news is, I’m still a size 2 (sometimes 4 depending on who) so that is still good, no?

And there you have it.

SCARY eh? What do you think?

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I love you all!

PS. Y’all know I’m talking bollocks right? Hahahaha! Now back to our regular programming. Fem bots for the win!