I hate to interrupt the fun and the sweet sound of silence but I cannot stop laughing over the exchange of comments in my blog. You see, I have a comment moderation scheme in place to prevent abusive people from coming back. While some bloggers filter out negative comments and post only the positive ones, I try to be as lenient as I can and let people express what they think. The only time I’ll ban someone is when ALL they do is trash, bait or troll etc. My blog hosting provider offers various features like ip address tracking, cookies and all these filter bells and whistles etc so I know who’s who, who left what etc.

Anyway, my acquaintance Angelique who’s in France recently left a comment on my site.

Lo and behold this person from New York (Yep, I know) who identified him/herself as "Angelique Corrector" left at least 100 comments on various pages of my site. OK, perhaps I exaggerated a little on the figure but you get the idea. I filtered them out because really, I don’t understand this crazy obsession about grammar and spelling and syntax etc. let alone obsess on the usage of the word PENULTIMATE.

To cut the story short… Angelique Corrector posted yet another comment yesterday. I published it with hopes that the trolling would come to a halt. The real Angelique (being the dignified and gracious woman that she is… trust me… I know!! I’ve met her before!) replied today. Within minutes, "Angelique Corrector" made a comment and I nearly spat my coffee on my keyboard.

Could it get any more ridiculous than that? Hilarious! Y’all have to love those English Nazis. To be quite honest, I don’t even know what they’re doing on my blog… my site must be a wet dream for them. Nightmare, my minions! Nightmare! Nevertheless, I’m an equal opportunity lover and I love everyone, haters and readers alike. Thank you guys for bringing a smile to my face.

PS. Visit Angelique’s blog at http://hiddenzipper.blogspot.com. I visit her site religiously every day for inspiration. Angelique is a brilliant, brilliant writer and I love her photos. Y’all know it’s my dream to pack my bags and start anew somewhere. Remember my old post how life is full of surprises? Well… whoopee doo. There is no Tarquin and there is no book. But there’s Angelique, her blog, her wisdom and her experiences. Her site is truly one of my best kept secrets (I love the Paris entries) and I’m glad to share it with you.

Ignore my retarded face. That’s a really OLD photo and I look like a beached whale with no jawline.