Givenchy Fall Winter 2008 2009

God damn I wish I was a woman. It’s not every day I’d want to be a gurl but yesterday was one of those days. Givenchy is definitely one of the strongest (and fiercest) collections this Fall, hands down!

Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy Fall Winter 2008-2009

No, I don’t want want to be a woman to be able to wear these clothes. Hello… you don’t have to be anything to be able to wear what you desire. I want to be a lady so I can get major money (easier) to BUY those beautiful, beautiful clothes. Think how easy it would be! All I need to do is lie down there with my legs open, let my she-pussy do all the working and bam wham bam I’ll buy that delicious gold dress. Bam wham BAM!! I’ll buy those gorgeous trousers. Bam wham BAM!! I’ll buy those shoes. Riccardo Tisci, you are good. You are the hotness!