Farewell, Valentino!

Written By bryanboy

Farewell, Valentino!

I finally got hold of the full-length video of Valentino’s final haute couture (Spring 2008) and his last ever collection. Homegirl is probably soaking up some sun somewhere in the world but whatevs. Watch the finale. It’s wayy too emotional and I had tears running down my face. Can you say tearjerker? What a great, graceful and dignified way to bid adieu to the world of fashion.

Valentino will always be remembered and never forgotten. Kudos to everyone except for the fourth girl who screwed up the line by walking the opposite way she was supposed to. LOL.


  1. ang ganda nga ng finale. i can’t believe he’s leaving the fashion world na for good.
    would you happen to know the first dress he made in his signature color?

  2. ihatethatilovebb

    i heard this will be natalia’s last walk on the runway unless she’ll be offered $500,000 or something… she’s fierce!

  3. Oh, that’s so moving! He’s brilliant and completely unparalleled.
    You don’t know what the music-track is that the finale was done to? I’d very much like to have it.

  4. I nearly cried too. “No more I love you…”
    Yeah, the 4th model screwed up! It would’ve been prefect but with Valentino, it is.

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