Do you remember?

There’s a first time for everything. My first Marc/Marc by Marc piece was this shiny, shimmery varsity reversible jacket. I remember vividly how I wore this with pride back in the day and people would stare at me like I’m some sort of a gay alien. Don’t get me wrong, people still stare at me now and I LOVE IT and I actually do put some effort so that people would stare at me but back in the dark ages, the kind of stares that I got were unwarranted and unwanted.

Marc Jacobs Jacket

I’m embarrassed to say what year I got the jacket (with the fear of revealing my age) but let me tell you that it was the same collection as that of the rainbow stripe belt with the enamel pears (or was it apples) buckle.

Do you remember that collection? Do you know what I’m talking about? If you do, welcome to the senior citizens club! Haha! You won’t find it at Answers on a postcard. ;)