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CorriereComing Soon…

Hey you guys! If you’re in Viva Vogue-a-rific Italia next Saturday, don’t forget to get hold of a copy of IO Donna, the weekly fashion supplement of Corriere della Serra, which is Italy’s largest-selling and most prestigious newspaper. I’m so honored! Do you know what this means? All the super fierce and fabulous Italian bitchissimas and bitchissimos are gonna see my ugly face! OMG. I’m nervous in a way but it’s exciting, no? Maybe someone will find me nice and shower me with all the Bottega, Fendi, Missoni and Etro that I want until I drown. Or perhaps that men’s Prada miniskirt that I want. Hahah ;)

I asked one of my Italian gurlfriends in Milan via facebook…

My next project? Bryanboy for Ballando Con Le Stelle. Just kidding. Hahaha! :-)

I love this. I really do. Geography is no boundary to Bryanboy’s faggotry and thanks for spreading the word about me. I love you all!


  1. You’re so famous. Yesterday night, in Paris, I met an Australian guy… we were talking about my last trip in Manila and he asked me : “Hey, do you know the blog of BryanBoy” ?
    You see… so famous, all over the world !!! :-)

  2. Nick Saravia

    Good on ya BryanBoy!!
    You are certainly scoring high!
    GO Third World!!!
    I’ve heard that “Heroes” show, is having a contest of a peruvian and french super heroes. I hope the peruvian wins…
    It’s about time we put our ‘ugly faces’ on the world’s eye.No?

  3. i’ll pick up a copy for you no worries if you still want it:D your blog was my “distraction” from studying here in not so viva milano for me. hahahahaha. so it’s a little thank you na den!:D

  4. NeuroticOne

    I just talked to my italian friend about this and she said you should be on top of the world! It’s a great accomplishment. The paper is pretty much like the New York Times to Americans.

  5. grabe!!!! congrats!!! ikaw na ang pinakafamous na blogger sa pilipinas!!! ang galing!!!

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