Christian Dior Fall Winter 2008-2009

Written By bryanboy

John Galliano Needs to Go to Rehab

I HAVE NEVER FELT SO LET DOWN AND I’M SURE MANY WILL SHARE MY SENTIMENT!! I know the wonderful and extremely hardworking folks at Christian Dior are trying to stay away from the rebellious image of youth to court back the geriatric clientele they once lost but come on… have y’all seen the fall/winter 2008-2009 Christian Dior ready to wear collection? Well… I see some pre-rehab Donatella Versace influences here and there. Oops. I meant Versus by Versace. Sorry.

This is Versus Fall/Winter 2004:

Versus by Versace, Fall/Winter 2004-2005

Compare it to Christian Dior Fall/Winter 2008:

Christian Dior Fall Winter 2008-2009

Click click click!

One of my fave backstage lovelies, Sonny V, posted a photo of the new Christian Dior shoes in his blog right after the show. I thought the shoes looked relatively comfortable compared to Dior shows of prior seasons.

Christian Dior Shoes Fall Winter 2008-2009

I took a nap and when I got up, I saw photos of the new Dior show online. It suddenly dawned on me that the new shoes reflect the sheer sobriety of Galliano’s latest collection. I feel like he’s still inspired with the 60s.

Here are some of the pieces I like…

Dior Fall 2008 Defile Automne Hiver 2008 2009

Christian Dior Fall Winter FW 2008 2009 Pret a porter

I love the furs and it’s nice to see my favourite girl Masha Tylenol open the show. She’s really going places, this one. LOVE LOVE MASHA! CELEBRATE MASHA!

Christian Dior Defiles Automne Hiver 2008 2009 Fall FW2008

and some of the things I absolutely do not understand.

Christian Dior Autunno Inverno 2008 2009

Christian Dior Fall Winter 2008 2009

Here’s a ready to wear version of one of his haute couture pieces…

Christian Dior Fall 2008 2009 Winter

This outfit on the other hand… well, there is something oh-so-new york about it. Take your pick: Carolina Herrera or Oscar de la Renta?

Christian Dior Fall 2008 2009 Winter Ready to wear


Err that’s actually not too bad. Now THESE, you have to explain. I have absolutely no words for these three outfits. Now granted, they are wearable and I’m sure some stale 70-year old society matron will lap it up…

Christian Dior Fall Winter 2008 2009

Christian Dior Automne Hiver 2008 2009

Christian Dior Autunno Inverno 2008 2009

Well, what do you think? Here’s the final blow… I mean, final bow.

I know John usually likes to wear all these amazing outfits based on the theme of his collection but how do you explain this?

John Galliano, Christian Dior Fall Winter 2008

Oh I dunno anymore.  Poor John. He’s become a puppet floating on strings that are being pulled by Sidney Toledano and Bernard Arnault. Sorry guys but that’s how I feel right now.

Besides, my opinion doesn’t matter anyway. I’m someone who spent the majority of his childhood admiring Galliano’s old work like this.

Gareth Pugh who?

Now go get me some Gareth. I love him now (and Rick Owens too) more than ever.


  1. I saw the pics up at TFS and they look very Bloomingdale’s catalog to me.
    I’m so ddisappointed!

  2. I think we’ll have to wait for the Galliano show to see if you’re right. If I see brilliance and signs of repressed creativity in five days’ time, I’ll know papa John is being strangled by the LVMH money-grubbers. Haven’t they learned that mutton likes to dress like lamb these days anyway?

  3. I featured you in my site. Hope you don’t mind that I borrowed several of your pictures. But I did link them to your site.
    Hoping for more Bryanboy fashion photos in the future,
    PS: if i see you in the mall one time, please please let me have a picture with you. I’m crazy about your fashion sense! Love lots!=)

  4. Hi! I wanted to ask your opinion regarding LV’s Pulp Weekender PM. It is my first time to buy a Louis Vuitton and wanting your fashion advise. It is actually a birthday gift for myself. I am thinking either that or one of their Joke line particularly the “Graduate.” Please let me know if that is a good buy.

  5. I love the whole show the Rehab concept cool people goes to rehab nowadays Lindsay, and soon my mama Britney…

  6. dhanilicious

    yeah…it’s hard to explain some outfits.
    who’s Gareth anyway?
    anyway, thnaks for accepted me on facebook, Bryan.

  7. Hahaha, you know Dior is all about
    ” 70-year old society matron”s anyway so what does it matter?

  8. Say what!!??? How dare you talk like that about us “stale old matrons” (like Madam Guiness perhaps, who almost sing-handedly props up the haute couture business); and, anyway, those three oufits you deride are BRILLIANT, CLEVER, EDGY, EQUISITELY TAILORED…..AND WEARABLE.
    And who are you trying to look like on your masthead , smarty pants blogger: Matrix Nemo the Woodchuck??? (Youthful arrogance can be inspired…like the young Galliano..or sound just dumb….so kep a cap on the age-ist b s)

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