Bryanboy Loves Marc Jacobs.

Written By bryanboy

Bryanboy Loves Marc Jacobs. For realz and fer shur.

Anyone who says Marc Jacobs is *always* late should be flogged because my birthday present arrived a month and a half early, delivered straight to my inbox. Fedex? What Fedex? Electroshock therapy much? From the runways of New York City direct to my humble bedroom in the third world, I present you this:

Marc Jacobs loves Bryanboy photo.

Oprah’s Wildest Dreams is dat chu? Oprah’s Angel Network is dat chu? It’s always nice to put a face to someone’s voice…

Click click click for MOAR!

Unbelievable, right? My email inbox exploded earlier this morning. I was gonna write an entry earlier but I need a clear mind.

Yesterday was Marc’s Marc by Marc Jacobs fall/winter 2008-2009 fashion show in NYC.

My friend JD told me at 5AM (yes I was still awake) he’s got a surprise. After the recent Terron Wood pictures I thought, OMG I wonder who’s gonna be the hottie male model this time.

While waiting, I sent a note to Marc after the show to greet him and say I can’t wait to see his collection. You know how runway photos arrive a few hours online after the show, right? Well, it’s the most stressful time of the year and I didn’t want to send unnecessary junk. It’s insane that he replied a few minutes later (being the busy individual he is)… and told me he made a sign and did a special pic for me. That and he’s about to tape the Rachel Zoe show.

Within minutes, the email arrived from no less than JD himself. As you guys know, he is V Magazine’s resident backstage princess. He always takes the most beautiful, salivating photographs. When he sent me these pictures, I burst into tears and died. I’ve known him FOREVER and this is possibly the most grandiose thing I’ve ever received from anyone (well that and the gift of life from my mother’s ass but whatevs).

ANYHOO. It was just crazy. Crazy y’all! I mean, we would often have these long chats about everything under the sun and one of the first things I told him was that there are so many people out there in the world who are dying to witness first-hand the energy, creativity, the buzz and the magic of the shows because they’re obsessed about fashion but the most they could do is play voyeur in their bedrooms late at night… and I’m one of those people. That’s why I sorta kinda cried when I opened the email — I got my own little piece of fashion action delivered to me. I hope that gives you a better understanding of where I’m coming from and I didn’t shed tears because I’m crazy.

Whatevs. Hoaly Oprah’s Wildest Dreams batman indeed.

Enough blather from me. and feast your eyes on this.

America’s (and one of the world’s) most influential fashion designer takes the time backstage to work his magic.

Marc Jacobs loves Bryanboy photo.

I am so honored!!!

Miss Marc also wrote "I DID WRITE IT!" because Miss JD mentioned there are a few folk who were giving me a rough time. LOL!!! It’s true though… in fact, there was a big party once here in my neck of the woods not too long ago and people were talking, tongues were wagging etc. Lots of folk thought I have lost my mind for inventing things – it’s perfectly alright and I do understand where they were coming from. Seriously, what are the chances of a fantastic thing like this happpen to someone from the third world? Almost slim to none, right? And silly old me of all people. Heck, even my own mother thought it was bollocks (and that speaks volumes haha) well guess what… she gave me a hug today when I showed her and told me I’m special. How’s that for
someone (like me) with a face only a mother can love? Well… it is what it is! Woohoo!

Marc Jacobs loves Bryanboy photo.

To be quite honest, I don’t think anything can top this (though never say never)… not a new bag, not a new pair of shoes, not even a quick photo op beside Marc himself. The fact that he took super precious time backstage, right in the midst of all that chaos in his Marc by Marc Jacobs fashion show to handwrite a message for me in a piece of paper and for JD to capture that precious moment is amazing!

Marc Jacobs loves Bryanboy, photo by JD Ferguson

The best things in life are free indeed but do you wanna know what’s even better? It’s to dream and have people halfway around the world realize that dream. It really is a beautiful, priceless feeling inside, you know? I hope I get to do that one day to other people in my own little ways. Spread the love around, that sort of thing.

Thank you, thank you thank you Marc and JD!

My pussy is permanently scarred for life. Now all I need to do is find a gorgeous guy to procreate with me because clearly I owe you guys my first-born child.

This calls for a celebration. Cecile Zamora Van Stratosphere we’re going to Elbert’s Steak Room and devour some prime steak stat! Medium rare!

I love you all! Email me and tell me you love me. My email address is

PS. Marc, my friend Cecile says hi. She says she loves you more than I do (in her words: "I loved him first!") but that’s because I’m only 17 years old (don’t let ANYONE think otherwise) and she’s, like, 25. JK. :-)


  1. cheekyzee

    oh my! happy birthday BB! this is truly a very very good reason to celebrate! :D

  2. WOW!!!! i hope he sends that sign to you!!! btw, do you have any plans of personally meeting him?!?! if yes, post your pics together here :D

  3. OMG!
    Get that sign and have it framed!
    I would so keep it forever if I were you.

  4. jd ferguson

    Big kiss lover!! And of course Im sending you that show schedule!! -JD

  5. umami-chan

    Bryan!!! you’re so lucky!!! haha Marc sure loves you I’m so proud of you

  6. I’ve read your blog for over 3 years and this is my first time to comment and let me just say you to that you never cease to amaze me.
    When I feel depressed I go to your website to entertain myself. Sometimes I watch your old videos and I instantly feel good. You may not know it but I think you you have a gift. Your right. We should spread the love and try to fulfill other people’s dreams.

  7. “The best things in life are free indeed but do you wanna know what’s even better? It’s to dream and have people halfway around the world realize that dream.”
    maturity level upgrade!
    i’m impressed.

  8. I don’t see anything remarkable. So what if he held a sign for you? Is that something to be proud of? He would probably do that for anybody. He’s crazy, you’re insane, he’s an attention whore and so are you.
    I would be impressed if you can get near Azzedine Alaia or Vivienne Westwood but until then…

  9. holy cow! this is totally mind-blowing! I love Marc, too. I had to buy that Arena Homme + issue with him on the cover. :)

  10. i’m happy that you managed to have a dream realized. but seriously, i agree with ‘loser’. the people i know who’ve interacted with mr jacobs tell me he is the biggest attention whore and megalomaniac. it wasn’t any skin off his back to do the sign for you, or for anyone else for that matter, if you had asked him in person…
    if it had been mr saint laurent, or mr alaia, that REALLY would have been something…

  11. Did someone molest you when you were a child? Are you the black sheep in your family? Did anybody pay attention to you when growing up? You must be a very sad stupid individual if you get off from STUPID people sending you STUPID pictures of themselves holding STUPID signs.
    Attention meet whore. Whore meet attention.

  12. fashionistah

    to kk and e: two words,
    “keep dreaming, haters…” oops, i guess that’s three words. lol
    bryan!! that’s amazing. loves it. xoxo

  13. I head a hjeartattack but it instantly made my day so much better. OMGSH Bryanboy, I’m sure you’ve heard a million of your fans say “I love you” and even Marc Jacobs has said he loves you but you know what. We all really mean it, cause you are such an inspiration and a joy on this Earth. Thanks goodness for you, who would keep the faggotry in motion aye?
    Once again….love this sign by Marc Jacobs..what a hottie..hehe
    P.S. fingers crossed you become his muse!!!!!!!
    cause you’ve definitely hit BIG TIME

  14. That picture is going to be my new background. Right. Now.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE[for you & marc]!

  15. Rock on Bryanboy! Never mind the haters, let them grieve over their jealousy.


  17. oh my gosh!! congrats!! what a sweet amazing thing to do… i must support that man more than ever.. can you please tell him to stop chilling with little kim cuz thats really degrading to him!!
    die happy bryanboy

  18. bryan! congratS!! i am way happy for you! ignore the haters cos this is YOUR dream come TRUE! who cares what they say about you or marc, right!?? If this single picture made you happy, then i am happy for you! your haters just don’t appreciate it like you do, your from the fabulous Third World for goodness sakes! lol

  19. I find it extremely sad that some people can’t be happy for other people.

  20. Im so happy for you dear bryan :-) I miss you pictionary galores…and fagotry in motions, bring that back.

  21. I am soooo happy for you Bryan! It is my Marc Jacobs and he is simply one of the best out there!!!
    Never mind LOSER and KK since they are just a bunch of sour bitches who have nothing else to do. They have pathetic lives so they tend to make others feel bad so they can make themselves feel good.

  22. OMFG. Now you really can say that you died. Hell, even I died. You have a charmed life Ms. Byanboy. Inspiring.

  23. BB youre so lucky !!!!! Everybody luv u & i luv u too !!!!!! WE <3 BRYANBOY 4l !

  24. jayzeetee

    viva bryanboy!!!! this is it!!!! your the one gurl!!!!!! continue uplifting the spirit of faggotry and keep it alive!!!!!!! very proud of you camwhore

  25. omg marc jacobs loves you!! lucky lucky you. im sure those bitches are freakin’ envious.

  26. lucymonos

    hi! BB! i just learned a couple of weeks ago about your blog and i’ve been reading it from the start up to now…and now i’m soooo addicted!!! you never stop to surprise me with your fagotry, ignore the haters they wont do good in ya~ their just jealous and jealousy kills! Marc Jacobs luvs ya! ur the best ^_^/

  27. Lloyd's of London

    I’m so happy for you and envy you at the same time! Hooray for you and the Third world!!!

  28. You’re so lucky!!! It would be impossible for me to say that I am not jealous…. MARC, YOU’RE SUCH A SEXY BITCH!!! And if I were a gay man, you’d be the first on my list!!! So HOT. <3

  29. OMG GURL I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I literally wanna cry with you. Marc is amazing.

  30. haha btw, so many haters here no. so many green eyed monsters. i wonder why they’re here in the first place. i mean c’mon! haha
    anyway, stay super! haha

  31. Listen, that pic is a shoop, a photoshopped pic. It’s not real. I love you, Brianboy, and I bet a lot of people do – but most of these pics with fashioncelebrities holding up signs are works made of unknown fans. You’re not THAT in, Boy.
    I’ve made a photo like that myself…

  32. Congrats! The most important thing right now is that Marc knows you exist and he remembers your name. Big props to you!
    Bryanboy as Marc Jacobs’ muse is totally out of the question… it’s never going to happen so let’s play it real. I do hope Marc names a bag after BB or make a t-shirt or something like that. I’ll be the first one to buy it!

  33. jealousy

    funny how these jealous detractors – for all that they don’t believe your stardom or hate you and your blog, still find the time to leave a message here. i’m sure they secretly love and admire you coz what else explains them coming here reading your blog and leaving messages?

  34. photoshopped? The source couldn’t have been more legit unless Marc handed it over in person. BB evidently isn’t that desperate, I love the fact that you are though ‘Umi’.

  35. To
    I read it yesterday on WWD. An investigation is still ongoing and there is no concrete decision as of yet so at this point, I REFUSE to believe the allegations.

  36. Imee and Jong

    OMG!!! This is definitely HUGE, i’m having goosebumps right now, so happy for you BB, love you always!
    See you this april in manille.

  37. Rockstar

    since this is a blog from the 3rd world… I’ll swear like pinoy does!! mga buwakanang ina niyo.. mamatay kayo sa ingit.. kawawa naman kayo.. mga unggoy.. if u hate bb.. then WTF are u doin here.. oh yea.. let me guess.. coz ur fuckin lame.. go fuck urself.. La-LOSERS!! Die bitches!
    GO BB.. patayin mo sila sa ingit..



  40. Yawn, so what if it’s real?! He’s not god, his shits are stinky like mine, ehehhe. JK Bryanboy! Now do something for me and write “I love you, Dorkette!” using your diarrhea!

  41. Queenie Santos

    You know, I don’t really care about Marc Jacobs. I can wear a friggin Bench or Secosana bag with my Giordano jeans. BUT! I am happy for you that YOUR dream came true! This goes to show whatever your dream is, be it to be the President of the UN or to have your own taho business, you can achieve it with sheer perseverance and a pure heart. Go BB!

  42. brave and brown

    Hah! Where are the HATERS now, BB? Keep the faggotry alive because now you got a designer bag named after you to smack the haters upside their envious heads.
    Congrats! This is so good.

  43. “The best things in life are free indeed but do you wanna know what’s even better? It’s to dream and have people halfway around the world realize that dream. It really is a beautiful, priceless feeling inside, you know? I hope I get to do that one day to other people in my own little ways. Spread the love around, that sort of thing.”
    you’re amazing BB!

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