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Bryanboy @ IQONS Magazine

Gazelle of Gazelland emailed me to let me know that I’m on page 122 (he’s on p.123) of IQONS* Magazine. Their pilot issue was launched a few days ago in New York during Fashion Week and copies are gonna be distributed in NYC, London, Milan and Paris.

IQONS Magazine

Diane Pernet is the Editor in Chief and Ruben & Isabel Toledo are the cover stars. Visit to learn more or to join the raddest fashion networking site ever!


  1. hey BB, we’ve not seen recent photos or videos of you in the longest time. what have you done with yourself? hope you’ve not ballooned to 300 pounds or something and have to hide from your readers…

  2. ooh hmm i’m trying to figure a date where we can all catch up, like do somehting y’all..but everyone starts uni/ tafe soon…=( i promise we’ll catch up though :) come to opening mass with me, to cheer me on? drop your car off at my place and go with mum and i?

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