Alice Burdeu @ Proenza Schouler Fall 2008:

Written By bryanboy

Alice Burdeu at Proenza Schouler Fall 2008

WOAHLY Tyra Chops batman! Alice Burdeu of Australia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3 fame made it at Proenza Schouler’s show… and’s home page!

Alice Burdeu, Proenza Schouler Fall 2008

Other than Elyse Sewell (who’s such a big hit in Asia), Alice Burdeu is probably the only one out of Tyra Chops’ Next Top Model empire who "made it" down the runways of New York.


  1. kristina

    I Looooovveee elyse sewell, she’s the only ANTM contestant that I like. And Australia’s version has really been better than America’s I can’t believe they’re still producing it when they haven’t really been able to produce a “top model” so to speak.

  2. kristina

    I looovveee elyse sewell!!! She’s my only favorite contestant to have come out from ANTM.

  3. Actually, Suvi was the winner of Finland’s Next Top Model a few years ago.

  4. mootandacademic

    mollie sue of ANTM cycle 6 did the JC castelbajac shows last year.
    i absolutely love elyse.she did the giordano campaign though.

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