Ali Michael Kicked Out of Paris Fashion Week For Being Too Fat!

Written By bryanboy

Ali Michael Kicked Out of Paris Fashion Week For Being Too Fat!

Have you guys read the very disturbing Wall Street Journal article? February 2008 Teen Vogue cover girl Ali Michael got booted out of Paris fashion week for being too fat! Ali debuted on the runways in Fall 2007. She walked 31 shows during Spring 2008 show season (Dior, Chanel, etc she even opened Lanvin) and for Fall 2008, she only walked 10 shows in New York, ZERO shows in London and Milan… and only 1 show in Paris. Why? According to Ali’s mother, she got sick for trying to keep her weight down… now that she decided to get "healthier", she gained five pounds and everyone thought she got thick in the legs!

On Tuesday morning in Paris, as the fashion elite were
gathering at the Balenciaga show, 17-year-old model Ali Michael was
heading home to the U.S. far earlier than anticipated.

Miss Michael was last season’s model du jour, and she
looks wraithlike, with a still-developing body and a 23-inch waist.
this season, after gaining five pounds, Miss Michael was told by
casting directors for the runway shows that her legs were too plump,
according to her mother, Mary Ann Michael, who travels with her
daughter to appointments and shows. And so, after doing a string of
major supermodel shows in September, Miss Michael snared only the Yohji
Yamamoto show in Paris this time around.

You know what’s even sad? On that one and only show that she walked in Paris, she didn’t even get to strut on her own. She appeared in a group setting!

Ali Michael Fat

This is terrible! Of course her body is still developing. She’s only 17!!!! I applaud Ali Michael (and her mother) for keeping their head up high though. If Ali Michael is fat, what am I? Obese multiplied by 3000? Meanwhile…. I need to lose 5 pounds myself so there.

PS. This is WHAT Ali Michael’s "fat" legs look like. Photo was taken during the Anna Sui show 3 weeks ago in New York.


  1. take this with a grain of salt. you’ve seen how gemma ward bloated into a blimp last year and yet she was still walking the runways. are you really sure it was only 5 and not 10 or 15? i mean 10 lbs all on the legs will really give you thunder thighs – look at beyonce. and disproportion means not fitting into pre-cut proportionate clothing, so what are they to do. and besides, why pay someone to make your clothes look bad?

  2. Gemma Ward is a different level so she is immuned! Certain top models have the weight and age immunity card on them so even if they weighed like a bloated elephant, if a designer wants them then that’s what they’ll get.
    Poor Ali though…

  3. awww that’s sad. a very sad fact that has been alive and well since day one. i just hope she doesn’t turn into a full figured plus size model just like crystal renn..she’s nice and beautiful and all but is rarely seen in fashion’s front lines. usuually just in US Vogue’s shape issue..hehe

  4. I thought this was outrageous. She looked fine in her pictures. And it’s a myth that you have to be emaciated to fit into sample clothes. I try on and buy samples all the time and trust me, I’m not ANYTHING as skinny as these girls. Most of the samples I’ve tried are still a size 4 or 6, NOT a zero. The only dress I couldn’t zipper was one that had been altered for…Kate Bosworth, famous anorexic non-model. I say bring back the days of Linda-Naomi-Christy-Cindy. The ’90s glamazons looked awesome (and thin!) without being sickening.

  5. Maybe I’m a bitch because I’m in the middle of losing 10lbs to fit into size 0 jeans… But I’m on the side of the designers or whoever voted against her.
    And in your photo, Bryan, her legs do look a little on the thicker side, not that it’s a bad thing, she’s just a thicker woman than the regular super-lean tall ones.
    hugs xoxoxo

  6. Factchecker

    5 extra lbs is not visible on a model. Please, a hearty meal could already add 5 lbs. Models who fill out though with ageing are all discarded by high fashion. Gemma (where is she?), Elise Crombez, Karolina Kurkova, are all examples. It’s quite a disgusting practice.

  7. Oh come on, you can’t compare Gemma Ward with Ali Michael. She debuted covers on new fashion magazines, had a cover with George Clooney on Vanity Fair (granted, we didn’t get to see her pretty face) and gets contracts season to season regardless of how many runway shows she does (which don’t even pay much).
    Natalia “Russian Princess” Vladiawhateverhername is told the same story. Before she became big she ate like a bird to stay thin (hair falling out, the whole bit) and she became big big. Got pregnant came back and was a leeetle bit bigger than before and her agent told her designers were sending back complaints. But, at that point, she was in demand so she could weather it.
    Michael is still thin just not not corpse thin. (Hardly Beyonce ffs.) Look at the photo of her at Anna Sui! Or the single Paris show she did for that matter.

  8. sadly, some people have different perception of beautiful…. i think she’s beautiful:) am i right bryan?:)

  9. gvanci

    I don’t think she’s got extra weight. she’s looking just as me. I don’t think I’m fat.. no no… She’s alright!

  10. gvanci

    if that’s so… what would you say about Adriana Lima, who’s much more fatter than she’s. I can’t compare. you?

  11. No wonder I didn’t see her in the runway shows. I remember her opening the Lanvin Fall 07-08. She was literally…FIERCE! Girl with a child-like face but is looking pissed. Ciao y’all! Thats a supermodel in the making!
    Hmp, that’s how it goes I guess. Sad but true
    Tyra Banks needs to hear this. She’ll bitch about this!
    BryanBoy! I love this site of yours! I’ll probably bookmark this page ’cause it’s fierce, like me! I think I’m becoming a big fan of yours!

  12. beautiful and smart! Way to go Ali! I applaud you!
    lets see??anorexia or bulemia? ridiculous to think these models are able to have boyish physiques without suffering from physical and/or psychological problems.
    Congratulations. Look forward to seeing you on lots of print!!!

  13. thats so gay. get rid of anorexic sized models, they look freakishly ugly and dont make the clothes look better. ali’s not fat, the designers sometimes need a slap in the face for trying to promote this ‘super thin’ rubbish…

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