Visionaire 54: Sport – Lacoste

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Visionaire 54: Sport Lacoste
Visionaire 54: Sport

Visionaire 54 is to be released on June 2008!

As you know, if V Magazine is ready to wear, Visionaire is haute couture! Lacoste celebrates its 75th anniversary by partnering with the fabulous folks at Visionaire. The new Visionaire (Visionaire 54: Sport) comes in four volumes. Each volume has full-colour, photographically-printed Lacoste polo shirts featuring artwork by various artists and photographers.

Visionaire 54: Sport is presented in four different sets, each set containing three printed Lacoste polo shirts embedded within its pages — one small, one medium and one large–as well as a book featuring all 12 images. Each set retails at US$250 but if you purchase via Amazon, watch the price drop to $157.50 each. Not bad for three shirts eh? Buy all 4 sets and get 12 shirts — you must be a hardcore Visionaire collector if you do.

[here] Visionaire #54 – Sport Vol. 1
[here] Visionaire #54 – Sport Vol. 2
[here] Visionaire #54 – Sport Vol. 3
[here] Visionaire #54 – Sport Vol. 4

There are no photos yet as of today (other than the teeny tiny one above) so be sure to keep an eye out on my blog.


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