Tom Ford Ad Campaign Eyewear Spring Summer 2008: Jon Kortajarena by Terry Richardson

Written By bryanboy

Tom Ford Eyewear Spring 2008 Ad Campaign

Fashion perverts Tom Ford and Terry Richardson does it again for Tom’s spring/summer 2008 ad campaign, this time, it’s all about foot fetishes and golden showers. Jon Kortajarena is the model. Y’all know where I stand. I fucking loathe feet but I fucking love golden showers. I’ll let you pee on me but only if I pee on you first. Pee on my back! Pee on my ass! Pee on my arm! Pee on my chest! As long as it doesn’t get in contact neck upwards, face, etc then I’m all up for it!

Tom Ford Eyewear Ad Campaign Spring Summer 2008, Jon Kortajarena by Terry Richardson


  1. tomfordperv

    I do rather like Tom Ford’s pervy ads (I’m thinking the Gucci G shaved in the model’s pubes, and his hott more recent men’s fragrance ads with the conspicuously placed perfume bottle on the naked woman’s body).

  2. tom ford is such a sad man; desperate, tired, pervy, and too into self-promotion. he has nothing new to say in fashion really.
    i hate everything he does now.

  3. Angelique

    Tom Ford … trying way too hard and not (at all) making it.
    This ad is ugly.
    The sunglass frames don’t suit the model’s square face.
    A twinkle on the corner frame? Cheesy.
    Ugly lip gloss.
    He’s lost whatever it is (talent?) he’s had before.

  4. People say “Tom Ford is over” but if he’s really over, why’re you all still talking about him? Exactly!
    I personally adore Tom Ford! I want to be him and I want to be with him!
    He’s not a perv! I admit he’s a bit sexually-raunchy but at least he is for the mature adults and he’s uber chic about it, unlike pornography! He’s always about exclusivity and the aesthetic! Regardless of what (negative comments) others have to say, I adore Tom Ford and he’s promoting menswear in an exceptional way! I love it!
    The ads, the products, the man. Tom Ford <3

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