Those Norwegians…

Written By bryanboy

Those Norwegians…

I don’t go online on my instant messengers as much as I used to because I’ve been ultra busy the past few weeks but when I do, some of my conversations go like this.

It’s very disturbing… at the same time, flattering, no?


  1. haha! that girl is cute. anw i didnt see you online in msn often bryan. but i did try to talk to you but apparently you are busy so you didnt reply to my questions ):

  2. YOU DO LOOK SO YOUNG! Seriously. I don’t even believe that you are 18…you so look younger. My sister and I think you’re just the hottest, stylish ‘third world fag’ out there!

  3. 16- 18 my ass. You look like a 13 year old girl just waiting for her breasts to appear. And still hairless down there too!

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