The day I defied my Britney ban

Written By bryanboy

The day I defied my Britney ban

Today is the day I’m gonna defy my personal Britney ban to bring you…

Britney Spears Insane

15 police cars, 3 ambulances, a dozen helicopters. I have no words, really. The world has gone insane the same way Britney did. Poor girl. Poor, poor, poor sad girl.

On the contrary, I’m back from my blogging holiday!


  1. kawawa nga talaga– she’s so different from the ‘responsible’ stars like angelina jolie or natalie portman!
    (btw discovered your website on the front page of the fashion section in

  2. paulapoo

    I can’t get over her gnarly-ass foot! I’d go bipolar too if I had to live with the sight of those toes at the end of my leg.

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