Tara Reid and Julien MacDonald are FRIENDS???

Written By bryanboy

Tara Reid and Julien MacDonald are FRIENDS???

Fuck me with a fruitcake. I’m going through over 400 blogs right now using my blog reader and found this via Perez:

Tara Reid, Julien MacDonald, Nobu London

"… is escorted by a friend out of London’s Nobu Berkely restaurant…"

HELLO! Julien MacDonald is a totally important British fashion designer. I have no words. This is unbelievable. Julien MacDonald are you out of your mind??? What’s next, Miuccia Prada and Jason Biggs? Marc Jacobs and Bryanboy? Hedi Slimane and Stifler’s mom?


  1. Tick Tac Diet

    He featured in an episode of Tara Rieds abnoxiuos show “Wild On” from the E channel. She toured London and he organised a photo shoot for her and they drank lost of champagne.

  2. mikikooo~

    How. Is . This. Possible.
    That’s it I’m NEVER watching another episode of Project Catwalk EVER again…. (haha, YEAH fucken right) … but OMGOD! no respect for Julien now. What the HELL happened to his face anyway? His skin? look at that MESS…I miss the dirty blonde waves…now he just looks like a cracked up survivor of the Titanic…And can someone please tell Tara that her roots are taking over her head? …eew. root touch ups = personal hygiene.

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