Pierre Hardy Flip Flop Boots

Written By bryanboy

Pierre Hardy Boots

Remember those spring 2008 gold open-toe Prada boots I creamed my pants over many times last year? Well, Pierre Hardy made these black flip flop boots which I think are equally adorable… and probably about a third of Prada’s price.

Pierre Hardy Flip Flop Boots
Pierre Hardy Flip Flop Boots
€238.00 @ Luisa Via Roma

Pair these off with a plain gray t-shirt with super super super short short short faded denim or black cotton and bam! Chica, no? Anyway… y’all know how I feel about my feet and if it weren’t for my fug ginger-ass toes, I would totally buy these boots in a heartbeat. I know I need to get over it but I really hate feet.


  1. Did you like the flipflopboots from Chanel from 2006(I think!. It’s the black and white short/ankle flipflopboots. There’s a knockoff at Janilyn. Haha. Gayang-gaya!

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