Have you seen the latest Marc Jacobs Collection ad campaign featuring Posh Spice? I love it. Soo hilarious!!!! God dayummm I’m having goosebumps right now.

Marc Jacobs Spring Summer Ad Campaign 2008 Posh Spice
Photo via Fashionista

vs me in YSL 2005

… and then remember me in Moscow/Dior + Yves Saint Laurent in 2005 followed by "the Male Gaze" in Brooklyn earlier in 2007? Click click click!

2005 in Moscow

The funny thing is that I’m wearing a Marc by Marc top. Remember how I was soo lonely in Moscow in the dead of winter and I was so homesick all I did that day was shop with my Russian friend and then eat Fauchon?

Dayummmm I hate my disgusting obese man thighs. Gross.

And last year, lo and behold a Brooklyn-based artist Slava Mogutin had an exhibit called the "Male Gaze" with this photo

Who did it best?