North Face 485 Collection 'Tellurium' Jacket

Written By bryanboy

North Face 485 Collection ‘Tellurium’ Jacket

The North Face has some major balls. Guess how much this jacket from North Face costs. $200? No. $300? No. $350? Nope. $400? No, try higher. $500? Definitely not.

North Face 485 Collection 'Tellurium' Jacket


The North Face 485 Collection "Tellurium" jacket is $800 at Nordstrom. Yes! Eight hundred donald duck dollars! Are they out of their minds? This isn’t Prada Sport on sale… it’s North Face! It’s just as bad as that $10,000 Coach Legacy Alligator Bag. If we were to play brand association game right now (you know, you tell me the brand and I’ll tell you the type of people who wear it), I would associate the brand "North Face" to the legions of young American tourists who go to Europe in their North Face puffer/quilted/down jackets.

Come on… $800. North Face? Outrageous! That’s just wrong.

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  1. at my college in ohio, the girls love to wear north face coats.
    it’s all about fugly uggs, guachos, victoria secret pink sweatpants, and the god damn north face.
    i swear.

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