Marc by Marc Jacobs Sale! 90% OFF!

Written By bryanboy

Marc by Marc Jacobs Fall 07 Sale!

Oh em gee! I just read this on Fashionista — Marc by Marc Jacobs is having a sale, 90% off (as in ninety percent off) on shoes and more, today, Sunday, at all of the Marc by Marc Jacobs boutiques in the USA. OH MY GOD MY BABY CHECK YOUR EMAIL I’M SENDING YOU A LIST!!!!!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sale

I’m not sure whether Marc by Marc Jacobs is open in the third world but I’m sure it’s all gonna be FALL/WINTER 07 at full retail + marc-up (I mean markup). LOL.


  1. BRYAN!!!! THAT’S A LIE!!! i went to the San Francisco store today and guess what, no sale. i was so upset :(:(:( so don’t get your hopes too high you will get disappointed.

  2. i want the e-mail too!
    btw checkout this ‘fashion’ version of Myspace/Friendster etc… (it’s by Daniel Saynt, editor of
    I’m sure u have many style pics to post there BB! xoxo

  3. Vonn Einstein

    It was only shoes. There were only like 5 or 6 styles available. They were not best of the bunch but was very tempting to buy some shoes that I don’t look good in for just $50. I got over it quickly tho.

  4. we went to the marc jacobs store on melrose and bought ballet flats from for 50 bucks, msrp 540.00.

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