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Guess who CLOSED the Alexander McQueen show the other day? Alexander McQueen is his first fashion show during his first ever show season in Milan!

Alexander McQueen Fall Winter 2008 2009

Click click click!

It’s no other than "Bryanboy family" member (as JD succulently puts it), Lawrence! Fashion pack, remember his face and make him werrrrk! Make him werrrk in New York… and make me a proud mama! Gawwwwd. I still can’t believe he’s a male model now when earlier last year I wasn’t even paying attention at all. LOL. Unbelievable. UN.FUCKING.BELIEVABLE. He also did did Enrico Coveri and Roberto Cavalli. The look on his face must have been priceless when he saw the Spice Girls. Hah!

Roberto Cavalli Fall Winter 2008 2009

Some of my other fave male models did soo good but whatevs. Why is Ryan Taylor everywhere?


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