London College of Fashion

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London College of Fashion

London College of FashionI just received notice that I was the subject of a class in London College of Fashion. Amazing eh? It’s fascinating how students would pay a ton of money only to talk about my silly third world ass… in a prestigious educational institution of all places! Boy I am *so* flattered. This is just as GOOD as the time the wonderful folks at Chanel USA talked about me in their annual national sales conference/focus group. Oh shit, that was supposed to be confidential. Hay guyz I love Chanel! Hah! Anyhoo, back to LCF:

One of them was talking about you with his friends when his tutor at
our uni heard them. So instead of talking about the class topic they
decided to discuss you BB!

I wonder who that tutor is. Identify yourself! Apparently s/he/it claims that s/he/it is a "friend of a friend", which, I think, is what anyone with suspicious intentions says. 

but knowing my friend’s doing fashion promotion at lcf..the tutor would most likely be in media studies

London College of FashionDid anyone say Indonesia? The last time I went to Indonesia was around 2003! But omg, isn’t that amazing? To be talked about at LCF? As always, you know what they say, geography is no boundary to Bryanboy’s faggotry!


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