Kris Van Assche for Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2008-2009

Written By bryanboy

Suzy Menkes Interviews Kris Van Assche

Wow. To be honest with you, this is the first time I heard Kris Van Assche’s voice. I think he’s such an articulate, eloquent and well-spoken man. He seems to be a little ‘soft’ though. Perhaps its because he’s a young designer compared to, say, oh I dunno, Lagerfeld, Galliano or Marc?

He’s gorgeous, no? Will someone please give me a piece of him? Betcha $5 he’s uncut. I want a boyfriend like that. Enough of the damn blond aryan twinks. What we all need is a gorgeous, slim man with a little bit of facial stubble. STUBBLE, I repeat, STUBBLE, not BEARDS. Anyhoo – think of the possibilities! I have one word: exfoliation.


  1. can anyone tell me whom the artist was that he explained, desiree dolum i think it sounded like…

  2. MrJeanArchambault

    Desiree Dolron is the name of the photographer
    im starting to like Suzy Menkes lol she’S quite funny

  3. for me, ms menkes is the unrivalled high priestess of fashion journalism. she is so intelligent and cultured. i love her posh accent and her looks.
    hers is the FINAL word as far as i am concerned…the rest, can only hope to aspire to be like her…

  4. Bruzanda

    I didn’t realise he was this cute. A bit beckham-y. Love it how the quif perfectly pronounces his name.

  5. i was in a bad mood til’ i read the “betcha $5 he’s uncut” part. my day just got brighter. “i want a boyfriend like that”. bryanboy, u are hilariously sincere. or sincerely hilarious. either way, i am your biggest fan! =)

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