Suzy Menkes Interviews Kris Van Assche

Wow. To be honest with you, this is the first time I heard Kris Van Assche’s voice. I think he’s such an articulate, eloquent and well-spoken man. He seems to be a little ‘soft’ though. Perhaps its because he’s a young designer compared to, say, oh I dunno, Lagerfeld, Galliano or Marc?

He’s gorgeous, no? Will someone please give me a piece of him? Betcha $5 he’s uncut. I want a boyfriend like that. Enough of the damn blond aryan twinks. What we all need is a gorgeous, slim man with a little bit of facial stubble. STUBBLE, I repeat, STUBBLE, not BEARDS. Anyhoo – think of the possibilities! I have one word: exfoliation.