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Keep in Touch

No matter where you are in the world I’d love to hear from you.

Bryanboy in Sweden

Feel free to email me any time and I’ll do my best to respond to it. Send me your comments and/or suggestions. Send me ideas. Send me notes. Send me “I love Bryanboy” pictures. Send me anything! Say hi and don’t be shy. I don’t bite!

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I love you all!



  1. You are my Guru and i read yu every day. You give me so much inspirtaion for my blog. If you will ever come to Rome you HAVE to let me know.
    Baci, your french/italian fan

  2. Your page is SO HOT, I can get enough of it! You’re so famous and all…gosh, your phenomenal! I adore your fine works in this it okay if I keep in touch? I just wanted to ask you so many questions.

  3. greenbikini

    You became THIS famous through the internet? How cool. You’re site is sooo entertaining. I would love to see posts on how a day in Bryanboy’s life goes. Keep it up! Stay happy and charming!

  4. I am so addicted to you Bryanboy!!! I want to see you and you’ll be surprise I’m gonna kiss you on that very special day!!!

  5. Hiiii Bryanboy!!
    I love reading your blog, the news you update the world with and about your daily adventures.
    You are absolutely fabulous! Loves it!
    Your fan from New York but currently in Japan,
    Leslie, xoxo!

  6. xoxoiheartgabyxoxo

    sooo fierce…ugh…such inappropriate materialistic thirst.I F@%*&ing LOVE it!!!

  7. bb as in bareback

    has anyone sent you the new commercial of Marshall’s? i can just imagine you going bonkers by the mere mention of that store! anyway, they, or should i say some of the models are raising and flinging their bags in the air – sans the pose, i.e. the signature bb stance with one heel lifted off the ground (so fierce!)… if no one has, i will send it to you and you can post it on your blog. ciao!

  8. Hey there!! I have been just wondering(and I’d really really really appreciate it if u did reply, it’s a matter of life and death to me now!!!) whether/if u probably know whom was the music at CHANEL cruise 2007/08 show at Santa Monica airport by???(I know it’s last season and it’s been a long long time ago, but maybe u do recall it, after all, u r the gayest gay that has ever gayed in the third world, and in the whole world I guess 2:D) I know u r such a great fan of this house that’s why I immediately thought of u when I couldn’t find it anywhere else!! U R MY LAST RESORT SO IF U KNOW, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!! THX, :*********

  9. Jenika

    Hi Bryan Boy, has anyone ever told ya you look like Paul Henson of ABS-CBN News?? As in, twins!!

  10. sophia

    hi bryan, ilove your page and i love you. i am really pissed off at this moment because theres this primate who is trying to copy your style. imitation is the greatest form of flattery but you are unique… an icon. they simply can not duplicate you. what really pissed me is his lack of originality/creativeness and artistry. lazy brains. cant think of anything so he resorts into copying. oh if everyone in this planet is like that i wanna hibernate to pluto and let my brain freeze for eternity!

  11. Diana

    Bryan, you’re awesome! My editor made me stay back on a Friday night and made me miss happy hour and made me miss a rolling stones party and made me miss a big night of debauchery. BUT as soon as I saw Nancy McD’s post on about my fab blogger, pinoy pride kicked in, and you made me smile =). Hope you make it to New York’s Spring 09 this September. I need a live BryanBoy fix! Stay fabuluscious babe. My friends and I are all getting the BB bag in your honor! Cheers!

  12. Glenn A.

    Hi bryan, I totally adore you…and dont give a damn about those whores in the internet cause they are sooo totally jealous of your fabulosity!! anyway, I think your page just keeps getting better and better as time passes by…(and I totally love your Birkin! hahahaha) Send me an SMS at 00.639.1561.27758

  13. Hi Bryan I really like your page..congratulation!!! And you have to be proud when i will tell you how i found it…yesterday I bought one girly fashion magazines “Kiss me”..I’m live in Italy…and there was this notification about you and your internet page…and it was described your big adoration for Marc Jobs…and was told how he created also one bag that is inspired by you…BB of Marc Jacobs..I’m jealous!!!lol…..
    anyway stunning style!!!!

  14. terealle

    HI bryan! I did exactly the same things as the girl that wrote before me. So I am Italian.
    This site is fantastic!! I want to say happy birthday to another big fashion fan, almost like you: HAPPY BORTHDAY BOFFA!

  15. Hello Bryanboy,
    I’m a 58 yrs decrepit Aussie, (absolutely clueless about fashion and always have been). Adore your site, your style, and think you’re amazing, intelligent, talented and attractive. How about a look for a 58yrs crazy, fashion-deficit (size 10-USA) painter- sculptor-poet who looks like a bag lady? I have white hair (from 18 yrs) and a face like an amiable yak. Like to dye my hair in a variety of colors partly because it takes attention away from my face and partly because no one else of my age has the moxy to enjoy themselves in that way, miserable old gits! Your site design is superb as well. Thank you for having the courage to be you.

  16. xfrmmelb

    OMG ur fucking fabulous…
    Get ur cute little leather clad ass down to Melbourne NOW

  17. carla

    heyy.;]. i was the one who text message you. sorry if i ever disturbed you which might be the case because i text messaged you 12 midnight. pardon me, please? hahah. well, it’s the first time i read your blog. woah. isn’t it? hahah. i read your blogs and boyy, you were fierce. i love love love your style. it’s just so FIERCE. you so work it out. and yeah, im just 14. hahah. am i too aggressive? if i am, im really sorry. i was just so stunned. you know? like, your the best. i mean, your famous and all. and you still seem to be nice like any other high society freak. your like, so down to earth and ohmy! you just stunned me so much. your such a stunner. i wanna be someone like you someday. please please oh please write back. thanks. and btw, i will be working on the picture i’ll send you. till then, carla. ciao! hahah.;].

  18. Hello Bryan!
    I dunno you. I just saw your link on my friend’s page. I’m just amazed by how HUGE your support is from different parts of the globe. Your passion for fashion (whoa! it rhymes) inspire me. You’re cool!!!! I hope to photograph you soon!!!
    P.S. I was gonna add you on myspace but Tom’s being a bitch so I couldn’t. Might try later.

  19. boink!

    its would be great for photos dear if you try those fabulous cinched waist style or for more it would be the greatest to try out the fall 08 fendi fur coat frenzy with the 14(?)karat gold wash. crazy crazy especially with the westwood 8 inch heels! and oh oh oh! please please say something about the red faberge egg- inspired bag from alexander mcqueen its exquisite! yahoo!

  20. I lalalove your page. :) I hope to bump into you in Powerplant or in Emba one of these days and I’ll have my picture taken with you. :)

  21. June 25th, ’08
    Hey Bryan, im on the other side of the globe…But curious if Balenciaga has already opened in Greenbelt. I couldn’t seem to find a link to say if its open. Thanks in advance!

  22. coverangelina

    İ love your site! İm from turkey .
    Gazetede seni okudum ve hemen sitene girdim. iyiki de girmişim.. Herşey çok güzel ..

  23. i love your teary-eyed pic. you look hot! i mean handsome hot! now i have a huge crush on you! hehe

  24. Mar-daerlington Espera

    i really love this guy….especially he`s website…..hope i could meet this guy someday……nice outfits…god bless you…

  25. ziltch

    Love your blogs!! your a crazy biatch! xoxo ;)
    and who is that hot guy sending his love to you?? i dont mind being stalked by him any time of the day!!! H.O.T!!! hahaha

  26. Lloyd Treyes

    I’m so addicted with your blog Bryanboyyyyy!!!You are not gorgeous,I should say an ugly anorexic but there’s something in you that keeps me going back to your site…..Great Job baby DOLL!!!

  27. I always check your blog because it updates me with all things glam, fab, and the likes. It is so much fun and entertaining to read and explore stores online! I’m liking it! You make it so easy for me to dream also! Thanks and be fab always!!!

  28. You are my goddess byranboy!! all the way here from Gensan… I will leave a comment everday starting today just for you… keep rockin’ our world with your outrageous and fab outlook..mwuah!

  29. antaas ng entertainment value mo. nakakaaliw ka, you are a breath of fresh air with your candor. ay lab yu bryanboy! c”,)

  30. Lloyd Treyes

    Know what bryan?I was reprimanded by my boss because he caught me surfing your site which is an unrelated website while am at work…heheh…well he cant stop me and right now im still at work while a dropping a comment..mwaaaah

  31. chonalyn chavez

    hi its my first time to check your site.i think its nice.your picture i totally love it.your so cute.keep up the good work.keep on bloging

  32. Oh my! love your site! I’ve come across your blog site whilst reading a mag… gee! the fashion statement and the aura.. your passion for fashion is really great!!! I’d love to hear from you more and more!!!

  33. ezra jason

    your website is like so f-ing hot .. i salute you for your works and passion for fashion … your creativity and originality has inspired loads of people … hahaha …. okay then, i guess this is it …
    (ps: i’ve bought the new elle magazine … congratulation … you’re somebody now … )
    ezra J.

  34. ezra jason

    your website is like so f-ing hot .. i salute you for your works and passion for fashion … your creativity and originality has inspired loads of people … hahaha …. okay then, i guess this is it …
    (ps: i’ve bought the new elle magazine … congratulation … you’re somebody now … )
    ezra J.

  35. hey bryan boy!
    your inputs are so funny and entertaining!(hey! dont get me wrong here ok?) JUST KEEP SWEATING GLITTERS!
    request, since you’re in a FASHION SIDE, show some little love for men’s fashion.. dont forget the boys! even just once per month? hehe!

  36. Hey beauty
    Your blog just rocks as you rocks. Love your style. Hope you will like mine, very Old Continent, very Old Europe, very antiques chic, check my blog and tell me. Cheers from Paris city, am following your adventures through your blog since a long time ago before you became the muse of Marc. It is cool that internet made the connection possible. A bientôt.

  37. Hey! I usually love reading your crazy adventures but please, PLEASE tell me you were joking about Jessica Stam??!!!! Those hips and thighs are still not anywhere near the size of a real woman! Don’t be such a dickhead, seriously. And you congratulate Kelly Osbourne on starving herself down to looking like a lollypop?! Don’t put your own insecurities out there on everyone else. Learn to accept yourself or, if you can’t, shut up about it!! Models are freaks of nature and we can’t all be like that…. if everybody looked the same… Do you wanna be responsible for making girls everywhere feel crap about themselves?

  38. Ahh, I adore your blog. Is that coat chinchilla?! Divine…
    I’m tempted to add you on facebook for more fabulousness, but not sure if you have the link up there for that reason or no?

  39. I saw you at’s blogger of the month. And i DISAGREE! you are NOT FIT for blogger of the month. you should be blogger of the YEAR! or of the DECADE. no.. forever. you are awesome. you inspire me. im not nuch of a fashionista but you make me feel like one with your posts. kudos to you!!! i hope to meet you someday… XD

  40. darling, are you still in NZ… what are you doing there, london fashion weeks starts tomorrow!!!

  41. lorenzelms

    i love bryanboy! its like my daily dose of fashion. its my everyday medication and seriously, i get sick if i miss a single day without visiting. continue the faggotry! ur such a fab fag!

  42. love your fashion obsession! I’m just curious what do you do for a living? Why you seem like you’re just enjoying life… traveling & shopping- 2 things I would also love to do.

  43. did i understand well, you are not coming to paris? we should poke carine roitfeld… to have you here!!!

  44. Bryaaaan bunney!
    we all love you
    and you know!
    you are so skinny, that you fit the size zero of gucci!!
    i’m gonna buy the special designed bag by marc jacobs he designed that he dedicated to you!
    You inspire lots of girls, women and man
    you know we love you for it right
    Now don’t torture youself because you want to be more thin.
    The way you are now is perfect, just hang on to it
    And you couldn’t be a more perfect homo-sexual!
    Love you for life
    Buuuuyy fag friend of mine!(L)
    From Amsterdam! :)

  45. Hi lovely!
    All those great words and lots of love to you
    You are so great and everyone thinks so, because you are one of a kind darling!
    I respect it, but it also makes me wonder.
    How is it, that this boy can be so much different, gay and girlish
    He comes out for it he shows it.
    He has haters but also many lovers
    Name me as a lover.
    But i thought it over and again and i came to the conclusion that people just don’t become this in just one day.
    I thought that there maby some tings happend while you we’re younger.
    And you had problems when you we’re younger.
    Talking helps you know,
    Walk on,

  46. fashionista

    found your look-a-like…. model “ling” of IMG New York…. check her portfolio…. some shots are uncannily YOU

  47. I m a lesbian woman …and I was married for about 13 years but I did have an affair with another woman for 5 years before divirce …now I love just women …..

  48. cava aujourd’hui BB? :) i recently started reading your blogs since i super get bored at work! now i want a job like yours! anyway..can i make a suggestion? could you do an archive of your files? since im just a new reader i reallly wanna check out your old blogs and whenev i go bak to your website its kind of a hassle to click ‘next’ to go to the entries that i haven’t seen. don’t get me wrong, i’ll keep clicking the button since i super wana read your entries. :) or maybe im just blind and you actually have an archive (by month ala WWWD) somewhere? :) anyway…really love your blogs and your curazee ultra fun world! j’adore BB!

  49. umm…..
    u provide a superior fashion that gives us brand new realization about life style.
    but i think people care about their appearance
    esp facial features which are natural born or beautified by masks.
    i mean in asia.
    it seems…this era shows tons of addicted and luxurious exaggerated-self-love mania with the tag “rediculous madness”.
    and for me ,i still love to pay attention to natural born good looking guys.not the person who wears different or luxurious.
    im traditional asian gay man.
    and i recommend those of persons who want to know “what is good looking anyway”,please watch an asian gay movie “love in siam”.
    there’re two natural born , goddamn good looking boys in the movie.
    if i have the chance to spend one night with a wonderful boy, i’d prefer an angel face boy.
    not those useless wearing.

  50. hi bryanboy. yer blog is so entertaining. thanx to my friend, who introduced your site’s url to me. :D
    i envy your job man! how can i get to be like you. kidding!:D
    keep on blogging everything and anything!
    much love

  51. Ridiculous waste-of-space gays like you make me ashamed to be gay. I hope something hits you in the face giving you a scar that never heals.

  52. you should try becoming a professional fashion commentator .. nah then you would become boring and scripted… keep doing your thing even when you get fish tail eyes and sagging balls. Check out my site and my croquis galleries

  53. Hi there Bryan!!! kaaliw ka gurl.. katuwa ang mga damit mo and blog. nways, meron sana akong gusto itanong, meron ka bang trusted online fashion retail na d namn super duper xpensive? :)

  54. Dear Bryanboy,
    If you got to choose a place to live for about 2 months,in Asia, where would you go? I’m looking for a warm place, with good shopping and nightlife, preferably a quite big city where it is cheap to rent a small apartment. Manila? Kuala Lumpur? Guangzhou (really not sure of the spelling on that one)?
    Planning a 5 month trip with 3 stops, starting in Asia, then to a paradise island in the Caribbean, ending with Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Ehh, you probably don’t want all that info, but please give me a suggestion or two.

  55. alonymous

    bryan its been like 4 days since ur last post what happend ?? im anticipating your next post kakaaliw k kc

  56. I
    lol. haha. Im such a fan but I got to admit that it’s my first time to enter this sight *GASP* but don’t worry. I’m sure I’m gonna be addicted for your site. :))
    I have this research thing about smething and I’m hopinbg if it’s not a bother if I could interview u? :D
    PUHLEEEASE. hahaha. :)) haha.
    SISAfashionista <3

  57. Cutesiemum

    Bryan, I so LUV you!!! This is my 1stz….time logging into your website and I really luv it. Even my daughter is crazy abt you! Ha ha :)

  58. helo bryanboy, sori for this i am not a gay but i inspired of what have now, you’re true to yourself and you know what your designs are great, you’re so terrific my friend!
    trully yours,
    nars_ :)

  59. janina lopez

    where on earth i’m doing for 21 years in my life?!
    until i found BB!^_^
    anyway, you got so much fantastic vibes in you and your fashion statements..hope you continue blogging until like what? FOREVER!!!
    ~applause for BB~

  60. Hey Bryan, though I don’t dig fashion that much, I admire your blog and your guts…hehe…

  61. Estee Mancini

    Bryan Boy, I love you. I want to have your babies one day. They will be fashionistas!

  62. Dean.R.A.W

    Bryan boy,
    congrats on your well put together website,
    look forward to seeing add a bit of color again at Australian Fashion week.
    AFW Front row traffic controller


    hi dear!
    A huge fan from Singapore. You can check out if you haven know about it. Its a great place to display your fashion ideas

  64. hey Brian,
    first of all let me start by saying: I LOOOOOOVE YOU!!
    This is why: My name is kim and i live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands!! I’ve been going crazy, trying tot find the crossover bow ties on the internet!! Thanks to you i found them…
    MY little problem is that the companies don’t sell to the netherlands,but i will figure it out!! ‘when you want something, make sure you get it’ has been my motto since… well ever.
    So thanks form letting me know i’m not crazy and that crossover bow ties do exist!!
    Bye bye (L)

  65. i looooove your site & your style.. awesome..i´m a girl from germany and i found your link in a german paper.. take care..

  66. hey bb, the spring 2009 issue of h&m catalogue mentions you on page 18 as the “hottest styleblogger”! -s

  67. Eryn Schaeffer

    You’re totally an inspiration for me because until really recently, all I wanted to do was fit in, but you make me want to stand out, to turn heads and to be known. Thank you soo much for helping me realize it’s cooler to be different. Without you and your blog, I’d still be the average, uninteresting abercrombie and fitch wearing teenager with no hope of developing my sense of style.
    Kotzebue, Alaska

  68. tam santos

    hi bryan!:) i always visit your site. i wish i could be like you in a way that you carry yourself and express whatever it is in your mind. :/ love yah! xoxo

  69. lorenzelms

    i so love bryanboy! i am allergic to fat people and i think being fatness is contagious! yiykes! we have that in common!

    SM00CHESz BABE!!
    SWAqq BiSH

  71. hey BB.. can i please ask a favor to invite me up in… that would be a great pleasure for me to be part of the webadd… haiz… btw,,, i really love the style you show… i think it’s innate in your personality for having that awesome kind,,, harhar… luvlotz… tah”tah”

  72. Hi bryanboy!!!
    I really love reading your blogs…I made a tribute article on you on my blog…telling how inspirational and fabulous you are!
    I e-mailed the whole article to you…check it out if you want.
    You rock Bryanboy…keep it up! from Bacolod City with Love!TTFN!XOXO

  73. Gerzie

    this site is ok but i would love it more if Bryanboy would feature and wear some philippine made dress, shoes and bags Philippine i think its time for you to show some third world fashion…

  74. hi!
    it was nice seeing a filipino in nylon japan’s section of the levis event. ayos!

  75. jennymac

    check out the wedding dress of Carolyn Bessette when she marries JFK, Jnr. way cool and worth the ten bucks!

  76. not impressed

    eww seriously eat something more than twice a year. if you were any thinner you’d disappear if you turned sideways.

  77. Bryan boy! You are so handsome and funny!:) Putangina kung talo lang tayo rereypin na kita!hahaha

  78. Vinson German

    Hello from New York City! You have a new fan here! Your blog is fantastic and it makes me care more about fashion. Please keep up the fabulous work!!! Ciao…
    Best regards,
    Vinson German

  79. hey bryan, i was just wondering, would you ever wear something that’s not expensive nor branded?

  80. cranberry

    i so heart ur blogs..kudos to brayn boy…u always bring it…

  81. Maite Alcantara

    I’m inlove with your blog! An I love how you conquer the world with your precious words!

  82. waaa…
    im supah addicted na tlga to your blog Bryanboy!
    as in ttumbling na akeshi..
    i really LOVE it! ayee :)
    i really hope i could meet you someday..
    kht makapag pa-picture2x lang..
    ayos na sa akin..
    CONGRATS idol!
    ingats and God be with you always!
    mwauhlaplap sa cheeks!

  83. hi bryanboy,
    let me introduce myself….
    Im a mother of two, in my mid 30’s, I don’t have enough money to buy things that would make me more happy but i have the attitude to always look best from what i have and make the most of it…im a filipina nurse who works in london,england…i just found out about your blog today and im lovin you so much so pro-gay person that i have been and still am surrounded by gay friends since i was 8yrs old..i even don’t mind if in the future my children would turn out gays as long as they make me a proud mom of gay children…just to let you know, im now adding the activity of visiting your blog to my household chores coz your addictive…WICKED! FASHION+BRYAN BOY=P

  84. Animal Lover


  85. Hi Bryan Boy! I so adore you! Uhm, I have a question. Where do you buy Vogue Paris, Italia, Nippon & Korea here in the Philippines?

  86. Rezie Asprah

    Hi Bryan boy,
    I saw u today at the subway station 59th and lex.
    I would love to hang out with u during fashion week.
    I am one of ur biggest fan!

  87. Hi Bryanboy happy new year…It was good to read your blog again, you are so undeniably creative and witty! I’ve been reading your blog since I was in high school…(I’m a college senior now.) I love it! mwah mwah. I added you in Fb if you don’t mind…

  88. Hi Bryan i saw u in the Feb 2010 issue of In Style Mag..I am so proud being Pinoy bcoz of u..U rock

  89. Millie Stanfield

    i just found this bathers site called we are handsome and OMG! it’s kinda up your alley!! (understatement!) i’ve never really seen anything like them, they’re so beautiful!!
    love the site my boy!!

  90. hellokitty89

    I am a huge fan of yours and I hope I could meet you someday. Its either I ask my brother, or I check your blog for the latest when it comes to fashion. :) I’m A filipino in Canada and I follow you on twitter as well. I admire your blog. xo

  91. hello there! i’m admiring your fashion risks and individuality..great to know that what you are doing is making a mark in the fashion world and making everyone else take notice..
    stay fab!
    (from a fellow Filipino in Way-Too-Laid-Back, El Lay, CA)

  92. Lorrabelle Phillips

    You’re from the Philippines too? It’s good to see people from home making it out there (: It’s really quite inspirational. Although I have to say, I’d love to see more photos of the fashionistas walking down Highstreet in Taguig or the party people at Encore or Bureau strutting their stuff on a lively Saturday night (: x

  93. lovee yaa brayna boy ur def gettingg a photo of me .. which i hardly allow ! liberty roff

  94. I respect the work you do with your blogsite! and I admire the way you convey your thoughts through your posts – it brings a light and relaxed feeling everytime I read a post! I just hope that in time I can acheive a similar standing with my blog – ( me out sometime…

  95. Power dressing – a look thats predominantly worn in the work place, think eightys broad shoulders, killer heels, tapered trousers, boxy lines and masculine cuts.
    My dissertation is on how the political state of affairs influence and affect prevalent fashion trends. Focusing on the re occuring theme of power dressing and recession.
    what are your views on power dressing? also known as “dressing to impress” OR “dressing for success” do you believe in dressing to impress? do you power dress? if so why? if not why not?
    Do you work? have you chanegd the way you dress for work now that the UK is in recession?
    ALSO… what do you feel about the following statement –
    “Research has shown that in times of economic uncertainty (recession), women begin to adopt masculine dress styles”
    Why do you think this is?
    do you agree or disagree? please give reasons
    please answer as much as possible and reply asap – this would really help me on my dissertation :)
    thank you for taking the time to read this!
    Good day!

  96. Hi Bryanboy,
    I would like to congratulate you for you cool blog.
    My name is Ana Chacon, and I have started off my onw businees in Madrid. I offer VIP personal shopping services and shopping itineraries for large groups. All my services combine Spanish culture, fashion , folklore and gastronomy. My web site is
    I was wondering if yu could be kind enough to insert a link to my web page in your blog so that people where you are can know me. I will do the same in my we site, I will insert a link to your blog so that people in Spain can read and get to know your blog.
    What do you think?
    I will appreciate your help.
    Thank you so much.
    Best regards,

  97. chikadera

    Hi Bryanboy,
    I read a short description about your blogs on the german magazine “stern” around two weeks ago. You had a photo there, together with a celebrity designer named Mark Jacobs (I hope I got the name of the designer right). I thought you were a Fil-Am boy, but surprise, surprise, you´re a true blue pinoy like I am. And Manila based!
    Like the late theater great Helen Hayes, I am, sad to say, indifferent to fashion. The movie “Pret-a-Porter”, a reunion film of Sophia Loren and Marcelo Mastorianni ca. 1994, has long confirmed that fashion cannot dictate function and taste. “Pret-a-Porter” is a parody of the fashion industry. At the end of the film, the models catwalked on the ramp with only their birthsuits on, in short BARE NAKED.
    Dearie, I have nothing against you. As a matter of fact, you are admirable. I wish I had your guts when I was your age. You make me feel proud to have Filipino roots.
    You´re world class! Mabuhay!

  98. Hey Bryan! Please come to the Merchant City Glasgow we have a ace selection of vintage shops and little niche fashion gems!
    You would love Mr Bens and Brazen, not to mention we would love to hear your fabulous fashion insights on the area…Thank you, mhaw! x

  99. BryanBoy I’m from Argentina and let me tell you…you are an inspiration to us who love fashion….your aticle on style was amazing, bold, and unconventional…i LOVED IT….

  100. oh bryanboy .. i love you and your bloog!!
    can you contact me?
    i loveeeee fashion too
    vouge is must have every month!
    (: here in germany nobody knows about i ..

  101. we’ve got to stop being troglodites
    you’re the spearhead of a new kind of man
    the one urban, civilized, tuned to the trends
    that wants to be chic
    wear pretty things
    be noted for the glamour
    dont stop bryan, keep on going

  102. georgia

    you are amazing i read this every night you are like g*d to me !!!!!

  103. Hey, so did you get the rinoplasty ? please answer me i want to get one! =)

  104. Alot of people have said there emailed u but you never email back is there a reason ?>

  105. Lisandro

    its 230am, Toronto time and i was watching Fashion TV and saw you during Milan fashion week last year (i think) and just googled your name and found your fashion blog…. i must say AMAZING and great job! If you will be in Toronto, let me know! Salamat!

  106. Hey.Spasibo for informatsiyu.No I live in Russia and do not understand English yazyka.Ya would gladly sent you psmo, Bryan.No not poluchitsya.A zhal.Spasibo, bolshoe.Ya love you, Bryan

  107. hey bryan :) much love from manila. i stumbled upon your page and since then I have been coming back. you are a genius! i sent you an email and I think I’ll be sending you a couple more haha (stalker much?) anyway I am trying to awaken my very feeble fashion sense and yes i think this is gonna be a start (a very good start at that).
    Hit me up anytime :) and yes i love the shoes…….
    – may

  108. I have just joined twitter last week, I came across your profile this morning and thought to put the following to you
    I will be publishing a small independant comic book series, one of the characters wears wild outfits, she has an over the top character. She buys all her designer outfits from ############? Could I use your name? At this point it would just be a mention, but as the series developes, you could star in a future edition
    Let me know your thoughts, I would very much like to hear them

  109. Hi,
    Just want to say great work, even greater because you’re Filipino (just as I am, but I live in 2 other countries (Japan and Australia))..Just love knowing that there is someone who share the same passion as I and is the same nationality. Just started my fashion blog, and I love contributing and sharing fashion and style ideas..I’d love it if you dropped by and comment on what you think, when you get the time..

  110. Hola BRYAN
    soy de colombia me gusta mucho tu Blogg,
    me encanta lo que usas y como lo llebas!!
    se ve que eres muy divertido y lo demuestras
    en tu ropa!!
    me gustaria que escribieras algo en español
    o usaras algo inspirado en colombia!
    jajaja Felicitaciones por tu Blogg☺

  111. Pattynessy

    bryan boy … i super duper love you in a major major way ……………mabuhay ka sis ….

  112. Hi BryanBoy I hope it’s not too late stumbling on your blog. Newbie in this arena but is determined to grow. Meet up when you are in NYC again?

  113. Hello, how are u??
    I’m from Argentina… so sorry for my english if it isn’t ok =(
    I just wanna tell u that you look like Brian Molko :P At the first time I saw a video of H&M I thought that u was him, but I was wrong hahaha. Do u know what I’m talking about?? He is Placebo’s singer, from UK.
    Well, that’s all… sorry for spend you time with this, but I had to tell you.
    Kisses from Buenos Aires, Argentina!!! Byee

  114. until when are you in LA? I hpe to catch a glimpse of you around town… it would be delightful to see bryanboy at my usual haunts….

  115. CauseofWetPantiez

    Bryan Boy, I am a heterosexual male that loves to wank off to female wrestling videos. Can you set up an account at and pay for my membership, so that I can download more sexy female wrestling videos and wank off?
    Generally, after I finish wanking off I will open the tap water and run water over my dinky so that I can clean out all the white, gooey stuff dribbling down still.

  116. bonjour je suis francais et je m’apelle anthony bientot j’espere devenir top model,ton blog serait tellement bien pour une emission comme rachel zoe etc continue au revoir

  117. Hi Brian :)
    Congratulations for your enormous success. You have a great sense of style. I think you are one of the luckiest people in the world and I wish you luck for the future. I hope one day we can meet in a fashion show ;) I hope that your passion for fashion never ends. Stay strong! If you ever come to Portugal say something.

  118. Hy guys, we all love Bryanboy-looking stylish as always. He even inspird us to create our fashion blog( Onn our blog we would love to see how people form all over the world percieve fashion. We are from Croatia.and if you don`t know where Croatia is come and check us out…………hugs and kisses

  119. BRUXELLES t’aaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee!!!
    from belgium with love :)

  120. Your blog is so, what would you call it? “Fashion-Forward”
    love your attitude and honesty. I am proud of you (read about you in Inquirer and am here in Sydney). Will keep reading your posts to inspire me in my finance blog where I use fashion, shopping and shoes to explain the heady stuff (bonggang combination di ba!) All the best and grateful sa iyong pagka-Fierce! LOL cheers from Charmel at

  121. Hi!Bobby here.I hope we could meet next time you come to London.I’m from the Philippines and living here now.All the best.

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