Katriina Okane

With fashion week just around the corner, models showcards are flying all over the place on the net and this one caught my eye. Her name is Katriina O’Kane and she’s with the modeling agency Supreme — the same agency that brought you rising stars like Suvi Koponen and Rachel Clark. I like Supreme. They’re very very cool — they found a niche (very tall and very slim and slender girls) and they stick to it. They specialize in "intelligent" beauty…

Katriina Okane
Photo via Models.com

So. How does Katriina make you feel? I for one feel festively plump compared to her ugh. It’s 2AM and I’m skipping my breakfast later, that’s for sure. Hahaha! I could see Olga Sherer running for her money as I’m typing this. LOL. Just kidding.

I think she’s very tall and very, very slim. The word "fragile" comes to mind. If you look at her legs on the photo on the left, you’ll see there’s a little bit of "space" between her lower leg and her stockings… but then again, I’m not sure if those are her stockings… or shadow/edge of her legs.

It would be interesting to see how Katriina does on the runway this season.