Jil Sander is dat chu? Jessica Stam is dat chu?

Written By bryanboy

Jil Sander is dat chu? Jessica Stam is dat chu?

I was so intrigued by the Balenciaga look-alike photo scanned by The Happy Lab so I ran to the bookstore earlier this afternoon to get myself a copy of Preview magazine and lookie lookie at what I found.

Jil Sander Spring 2008

Jil Sander is dat chu? Run Raf Simons for Jil Sander, run!

What happens if you multiply Steven Klein and Jessica Stam for V Magazine with a touch of Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia… not once, not twice, not thrice but six times? Click click click!

Holy print insanity turban batman at Preview Magazine…

Preview Magazine Manila Philippines

Preview Magazine Manila Philippines

Preview Magazine Manila Philippines

compare it to Steven Klein for V Magazine featuring Jessica Stam…

Steven Klein, V Magazine, Jessica Stam

Steven Klein, V Magazine, Jessica Stam

… and then you also have Vogue Patterns by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia December 2007.

Lara Stone, Vogue Patterns, Vogue Italia

Lara Stone, Vogue Patterns, Vogue Italia

Are you drowning in prints already? Enough about prints. Here’s another Jil Sander "inspired" photo on the same editorial.

Jil Sander Spring 2008

God. I don’t even know what to say, really.


  1. I think the stylist is named Giselle Go, if I’m not mistaken. She should be fired from her job. Bad enough she has to copy, but even the copycat looks terrible.

  2. I want to see the rest of the Jil Sander copy editorial, will you please post them? Thank you!

  3. Emmanuelle

    Read page 8 of the magazine and you’ll see this:
    “My job is to look for flaws. Call it quality control (at least by Preview’s standards). Every month, after planning the future issues, I see to it that our vision is effectively translated into print. From attending shoots to supervising layouts, I see to it that everyone’s hard work pays off. It helps to be a perfectionist especially when you’re working for the best-selling fashion magazine in the country.”
    Oh the irony…

  4. B.benjamin: thekoutureykid

    How dare they show that trash lol. They should never be able to syle a garment again.lol but I love love LOVED that jil sander collection it blow me away.I loved the colors and the shoes were just a dream lol
    And this layout wit jess is to die for.she looks like rainbow bright on acid . I want more lol

  5. well no one can help it… in hk is the same thing….
    even though most magazines do get to use the collection in their magazines..they just dont give much creativity and 100% for the editorials… they just use the clothes n thats it… i just hate it…
    but in philippines..i did study their for 2 months… and i realised.. that there are acutally some really good designers..but they are facing a lot of crisis…like buyers and exposure all over asia..rather than just philippines….
    i am not sure but philippines dont have much international brands like jil sander…n blah blah blah..so they dont have clothes to show in editorials..so they have to ask designers located in philippines to make them a look alike…
    i first thought it was crazy n too much copying …but u have to understand the situation before making any comments…. i think philipines has amazing designers :P and i support them 110%… at least u can see how much time n mney they spent just for the clothes… n i dun even know if they are acutally getting paid for it …. so there… :P …
    at least they are making use of what they have… that is originality enough for me ….

  6. Vishan, I’m not slamming Filipino talent, not at all. In fact, I’m all for Filipino talent. I love the third world and like what you said, there are indeed some good designers here.
    What I’m disappointed at is the fact how they blatantly copied Jil Sander — the references AND the styling are so strong I cannot help but wonder what happened to good ol’ creativity. It’s like they’re making a complete and utter clueless fool out of their readers. In this day and age when everyone goes online and everyone has a fucking blog, there’s a high chance that their readers have seen other designers’ work somewhere else.
    Instead of copying somebody else, why can’t they divert their “creativity” towards something a little bit more original?

  7. i can understand what your saying…. but its hard being original… even myself … i find it hard to be original at times… with what i do :P
    i wonder if preview .. and other fashion magazines acutally feels guilty knowing they have done something not ….. original enough for their magazines.
    they do have some some original editorials..at times but somehow sometimes it just doesnt work out …. ..seems their execution is not well done….
    imagine is acutally good :P ..lots of new things to see in thier first issue…. :P but one editorial was copied from numero hehehehe :P ..
    i still think imagine will over take preview in sometime :P ….in editorial shoots mostly :P

  8. URGH. As if it wasn’t enough that they’re copyrighting american pop songs every Sunday on those trash-for-the-massa channels; but even this? Good lord.

  9. given current collections from S/S 08 particularly pieces in D&G with the mixed/patch work floral creative logic draws you into the pattern clash overload. I think Panos & Steven Klein for V was the best executed but that’s personal opinion! What do you think to this body-art/tattoo overload as seen in the above Vogue Italia ed, the Paris Vogue 2008 Calendar and the recent Gaultier couture show? i absolutely adore it all!!! This sense of copied ideas will always be knocking around… i know i’ve been wanting some tattoo sleeves since jane how did her margiela retrospective for Purple… fashion geek much?

  10. That orange poncho is hideous. Raf’s multilayered version gave a feeling of lightness while the knock-off version appears to be cheap! Someone stole a tomato costume made out of polyester from a 12 year old!

  11. Denise R.

    It seems that they dedicated an ode to Jil Sander “the look for less” editorial but in a really cheap and repulsive way.

  12. thelovebug

    this is really sad, to think I absolutely adored Preview mag. Now, im gonna blow my money on some vogue.

  13. Lloyd's of London

    What a big fashion shame! I give my props to u bryanboy for calling Preview mag out. It’s not just Jil Sander that they copied, but also look at the hair they used for the editorial. Marc Jacobs SS 2008 much?

  14. Peddler

    Catryna, Giselle Go is no longer with Preview. She is now the editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore. Heard it a few weeks ago, didn’t believe it, then read March issue of Preview and Giselle all but bragged about it.

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