Holy Chanel Jacket Batman! Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2008

Written By bryanboy

Holy Chanel Jacket Batman!

Here’s the backdrop of Chanel’s spring/summer 2008 haute couture fashion show.

Chanel Giant Jacket Backdrop, Chanel Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2008

So tell me, how does this Chanel jacket make you feel?


  1. this jacket makes me feel so happy to be young, and even if i could afford it i wouldn’t buy it. It is so BCBG

  2. i think kirsty alley asked for a custom made jcaket, but sent it back to poor lagerfeld after she realised its too small so lagerfeld did what he could to get rid of it, but in the end it was a centerpiece.

  3. Gabriélle

    I love the concept. But I still love the Chanel HC 2004, I think. With the spiral stairs. Chanel Forever! Xx

  4. LOL
    I think it’s gorgeous!
    What size that is… I duno.. size 4 perhaps?
    I mean, anything that’s not a 0 or a 2 is pretty much large, no?

  5. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Bryanboy, I love your blog! It’s a fashionista’s paradise.

  6. i think somebody should retire and sit tight being an already-icon, except trying and trying so hard to make it again, cos i am not feeling it. and im sure coco isnt either

  7. Gabriélle

    I’m just thankful that there’s a Bryanboy to deliver us this beautiful informations.
    I’m sure Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel loves it. Anyway, Chanel Forever and ever. Xx

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