Fucked up.

Written By bryanboy

Fucked up.

There is something fucked up with typepad and I have no idea why my entries aren’t showing up. I went to the doctors yesterday morning and I found out I have mononuclelosis (spelling?)… and I’ve been sleeping the entire day… a lot of people have texted where my entries are.

I sent Typepad a note, hopefully they can fix my blog soon. This is crazy!


  1. Vonn Einstein

    Lucky! Adults rarely ever get mono and you are lucky enough to get it! It makes you lose tons of weight. I guess the being sick part sucks though. Feel better soon!

  2. Lloyd's of London

    Who did you kiss to contract mono? Well, you’ll feel and look weak & lethargic just like Kim Noorda, Snejana Onopka and Olga Sherer. My God, mono will make you look like a top thinspiration model! Congrats!!

  3. UGH Mono! Had that this summer and oh is it ever draining! Take it easy and hopefully you’ll recover faster than I did!! I had it in July and am still feeling aftereffects due to my crappy doctor missing it! Take lots of vitamins, too!

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