Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2008-2009

Woah! No, you’re DEFINITELY not hallucinating. Ladies and gentlegays, this is Kris Van Assche for the House of Dior Homme.

Dior Homme Fall Winter 2008-2009

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Some of the looks…

Dior Homme Fall 2008 Men's Menswear

These two are my favourite of them all. I definitely love the jackets and the boots.

Dior Homme Fall 2008-2009

Dior Homme Genie in a bottle is dat chu?

Dior Homme Autunno Inverno 2008-2009

Yes to the jackets but definitely no to the trousers. Personally, it’s not really my style. I’m short (I’m 5’9) and those trousers will make my legs look even shorter. Speaking of short, check out the short (and new twist on) neck ties.

Dior Homme Automne Hiver 2008-2009

Happy Christmas!

Dior Homme Fall Winter 2008 2009 Kris Van Assche Paris

I also love this Dior Homme jacket. Slap a double CC brooch on there somewhere and wham bam wham, it’s instantly very Chanel. Just kidding.

Dior Homme Autunno Inverno 2008 2009

This look, on the other hand, reminds me of bartenders in airport first class lounges. That… or… a male ballroom dancer. International Male catalog is that chu?

Dior Homme Automne Hiver 08 2008 2009

I love the trousers!

Dior Homme Fall 2008

I love the belt!

Dior Homme Fall Winter 2008-2009 FW08

And there you have it. What do y’all think? Next, we’re doing Lanvin.