Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2008

It’s 8:21AM and I just got out of bed. Guess what greeted me along with my morning coffee? John Galliano’s latest haute couture collection for the house of Christian Dior! Ladies… get your duvet and your damn blankets ready because it’s that time of the year to pretend they are dresses and to sashay around the house in em. It’s haute couture season! 

WATCH AND LEARN FROM NATASHA POLY. She’s the first one to come out on this video. Keep an eye out on how fierce she walks and how graceful and elegant her movements are. She makes the other girls look like thugs! I stayed up all night waiting for this show!!! I saw the photos before I went to bed and I was impressed but I have to admit this collection didn’t have the same impact his previous ones did but this… his latest collection is alright. More later…

PS. MY GIRL MARIYA MARKINA IS THERE! I LOVE MARIYA!!!!! She’s the one wearing yellow gloves and a yellow cocktail dress.