Chapter 7: Eat Your Chiffon

Written By bryanboy

Chapter 7: Eat Your Chiffon

You give me Betsey Johnson and I’ll give you Zandra Rhodes. Zandra is one of Britain’s IQONIC fashion designers. Her creations are often bright, colourful and dramatic. She has dressed Princess Diana as well as Freddie Mercury. Anyway, Zandra, along with Natt Weller (OMG HE IS SO FIERCE!!!!!) threw a super fabulous dinner party late last year in her London penthouse for some of their amazingly chica fashion friends. Ben Charles Edwards captured some raw, intimate moments on tape and turned it into a little art film. Y’all know how I love fashion and art and it’s my pleasure to share this with you. Oh who the hell am I kidding. Me? An art lover? Shit, I know absolutely nothing about art! It’s funny because one time this artist told me how I shouldn’t say things like how "I know nothing about art". He also told me that everything I do is ‘art’ — yes — all those crazy-ass faggotry wacko moments I’ve had over the years —  he thinks that’s art. Well… who am I to dispute that? ENOUGH ABOUT ME AND MORE ABOUT REAL ART! Watch this promo video clip of Chapter 7: Eat Your Chiffon.

Chapter 7: Eat Your Chiffon by Ben Charles Edwards

Chapter 7: Eat Your Chiffon by Ben Charles Edwards featuring Zandra Rhodes.

Chapter 7: Eat Your Chiffon comes in several installments and stars Zandra Rhodes, Natt Weller (keep an eye out for those lips. FIERCENESS!!!!), Marios Schwab, Andrew Logan, DJ
Bishi, Piers Atkinson and all these fabulous people I have never heard
of until now because y’all know I’m clueless just like that. But go, go, go and
watch the film online. It’s brilliant… click HERE for Part 1 and HERE for Part 2.


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