Binge Eating Disorder

Written By bryanboy

Binge Eating Disorder

I had my first ever fast food fix of the year last night. It’s amusing cause I went to a friend’s birthday dinner party last night and people were like "oh how do you stay so slim Bryan" and I was like "well, don’t eat!" so all I touched last night was four canapes and a couple of vodka tonics to you know, try to keep a face.

Binge Eating Disorder

Don’t eat my fucking arse. As soon as I got out of the place, the first thing I did was… I called McDonald’s delivery… yes… in the car! By the time I got home lo and behold my order was waiting for me. I had an oreo mcflurry, a regular cheeseburger, 2 double cheeseburgers, large fries and a regular diet coke. I ate all that crap in a span of two hours I was having palpitations by the time I finished my third burger! I’m sorry y’all but McDonald’s is just like crack. Once you pop you can’t stop!

Those protein shakes my wretched personal trainer suggested tastes like horse shit so I’m gonna try to gain weight the naughty way. Y’all know my metabolism is screwed up though. One of my male model pals told me I shouldn’t pig out because I’m gonna end up with what he calls "jiggly skinny fat" but whatevs. I think I’m going to the doctors on Monday because this is unhealthy. I’m binging again. Terrible! I’m gonna go jogging in a bit to burn those calories and I’m not eating anything else today other than a bowl of mixed greens.

I can’t wait for fashion week. I need to be thinspired! Hahaha!


  1. LOL. I eat nothing at dinner parties in fear of looking cheap; so I usually get my hunger fix at the nearest Mcdonald’s as well.
    Hell, Mcdonald’s over there even delivers.

  2. LOL, i love you! not only do you make me laugh but you get me hungry for a big mac.

  3. The moment I saw the picture I had a good guess what might be going on and was already laughing out load! Hay Bryan… naturalmente maghanap ng pagkain ang sistema mo. Nagpigil ka e party yun!
    En ingles: Bryan, dear, you’ll be able to burn those after-party binge eating attack calories in no time!

  4. Former protein shake hater

    I absolutely used to hate protein shakes because the one I used tasted like cat food…you should try mixing it with milk. i hate them with water, but milk at least makes it palatable…
    AST VP2 vanilla shake is a fantastic protein shake. it’s a bit more expensive, but worth it. try it!

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