2008 Weblog Awards 2008 Bloggies

Written By bryanboy

2008 Weblog Awards 2008 Bloggies

It’s award season once again! This time it’s the Weblog Awards — this is totally different from Gay Bloggies; this is the REAL "Oscars" of Blogging. Last year I was a finalist for Best Asian Weblog.

2008 Bloggies

All you need to do is nominate me in the categories as you see fit. I’ll forever be indebted if you do. Nominating shouldn’t take a few seconds/minutes of your time.  Go me!

PS. Don’t forget to follow the validation instructions in your email when you nominate me. Thanks! =)


  1. Duly noted.
    For your reference, the next time you correct someone online, don’t forget to use “typo” instead of “typHo”. Merci ;)

  2. bryanboy didn’t make any typo errors!! anyways, i nominateD you BB for best asian blog, best glbt blog and best fashion blog! i nominated CZVS too! i just love you both!! :D

  3. ex bryanboy fan

    Your site used to be entertaining before 2007 but it has become boring now. fashion is boring. i don’t care about those bullshit crap

  4. Ad Nauseam

    Done! Asian, best overall, fashion and glbt blog! You are the best Gay, Fashionable, Over All Asian!

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