Yellow Rat Bastard/YRB Magazine

Written By bryanboy

Yellow Rat Bastard/YRB Magazine

Darling, you have arrived! What do I have in common with Anna Wintour, Sharon Stone and Jennifer Lopez? Aside from the fact that all four of us are major hot chicks, we all have been targeted by those animal-loving PETArds. One of my readers from Seattle emailed me a scan of NYC-based Yellow Rat Bastard Magazine using my photo (without permission) on their Fall 2007’s Top 20 Faux Pas for the Modern Man list. #19 has something to do with animals. I guess they’re not happy
seeing me pose with those chimpanzees in Red Square, Moscow during the
dead of winter in my Hermes parka.

Bryanboy holding a monkey, Red Square, Moscow, YRB Magazine

I love it but god damn you could’ve at least given me credit if you’re gonna use my photo. Are there any lawyers out there in Nueva York who are willing to milk these bastards for what they’re worth? Just kidding.

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