USB Fridge

Written By bryanboy

USB Fridge

I swear to god, from to 2Girls1Cup, I honestly thought I’ve seen it all online. Welcome to teh internets y’all! There’s this online forum I go to from time to time and they had a little secret santa thing going on and one of the people got all sorts of gifts from his secret santa. One of them is a bloody USB Fridge. YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT.

USB Fridge

WHO IN GOD’S FUCKING NAME INVENTED SUCH THING? Are people so fucking lazy these days they can’t get off their fucking fat arses to go to the watercooler? Gawwwwd.

PS. Ignore me. It’s that time of the year when everyone gets really cool gifts except for me. Now y’all know why I try to "gift" myself throughout the entire year. NO ONE GIVES ME COOL PRESENTS. EVER! It sucks giving nice gifts to people and in return, what do I get? A box wrapped in what looks like super expensive, super fancy packaging only to reveal a $5 votive candle holder inside. I know I sound like a fucking ungrateful bitch (haha) but come fucking on! That’s why I don’t really give presents to people anymore. Everyone’s got everything already. I hate xmas!

9 more days till Christmas eve…


  1. I will ignore your ranting. I would just like to let you know though, that your entertaining blogs and the effort that you put to keep us laughing and reevaluating our morals are already a yearlong gift to your readers. Boy, that was mouthful.

  2. oh my god I love you!
    Same here! I mean, I don’t give a lot, but I have those darned friends who always give up my hopes by telling me, “Oh yeah! I forgot to bring you your birthday present!”
    3 Origami flowers IS NOT a birthday present!!
    It’s just recycled paper to me.

  3. BB, try
    now THAT is the sickest stuff ive ever seen in my life, me and my friend watched it and screamed omggggggggggggggg lololololol its just so..holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH IT ALL BRYAN!
    P.S ur hilarious and amazing and everything

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