So what the dunk?

Written By bryanboy

Nike what the dunk?

Are you drunk? Meet the $1,750 pair of sneakers. You read that right — one thousand seven hundred fifty American Donald Duck dollars.

Nike What the Dunk sneakers

Will someone please explain to me why these sneakers are so expen$$$$ive?


Depending on your size, the prices vary — it starts at US$1,200 and goes up to US$1,850. Only at Flight Club New York. Cecile, what do you think? Wanna go to Tower Club in these? LOL *wink*


  1. bb, i m really dispappointed in u. why nothing about the murder of a dear friend and pinoy fashion icon Ernest “Taray” Santiago? r u so mental colony that u only post about the chanels and diors of this world? it is ur responsibilty, nay, DUTY, to promote anything and everything pinoy as u have been given this global audience!!! more reason for me to stay away from ur blog!!!

  2. ewwness. that is sooo overpriced. what’s so special about them anyway? i mean, they are just a pair of sneakers!
    well a man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure, i suppose.
    heck i won’t even buy them even if i had all the money in the world. i can buy at least THREE pairs of Manolos with that amount of $$$ ! Happy New Year BB!

  3. anastasia

    Those have got to be some of the ugliest sneakers I have EVER seen. I don’t think you could even pay me to wear them.

  4. bading – then stay away from my blog! go fuck yourself and never come back on my site. nobody’s pointing a bullet to your head telling you to go here. i really don’t understand why you have to keep on visiting my blog and then harassing me when you are disappointed. how easy it it NOT to come back to my site?
    this is my blog and i’ll post whatever it is i want to. i have no idea who ernest santiago is and i don’t know him at all. if u want to write about him or any other topic, go make your own blog!
    do not go on a high horse and tell me what to write you fucking douchebag.
    and since when did i have a responsibility (or should i say DUTY) to promote anything and everything pinoy? why don’t you fucking do it yourself?
    there is a reason why i have a global audience — that’s because i write about things that people understand regardless of where they are.

  5. Here we go again with the “you should do this bb” comments. For the love of God, it’s Bryanboy’s site and he can do whatever he wants with it. If you don’t like what he does, then leave. There. As simple as that.
    Anyway, as for the sneakers, I’d rather buy a pair of Hermes riding boots (@ $1,725). That’s $25 cheaper. I wonder if SSI people get Hermes (HAHAHA, not in my lifetime!), but if they do, I wonder how much they’ll sell it for? $5,000? $7,000? Hahahaha! I guess we’ll never know.

  6. deeznuts

    i got mine for 125.00 at the place caled gizmos in washington they real too shit i aint payin over 300 for 1 pair of shoes

  7. nofakes

    Deeznuts, you must be jokin if you think that you bought that pair of shoes for 125 and there real. R u just tryin to tell yourself that go get some real shit and then brag and make comments.

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