Siri Tollerod's Louboutins (Numéro Tokyo)

Written By bryanboy

Siri Tollerod’s Louboutins

How do you feel about…

Siri Tollerod, Christian Louboutin

Siri Tollerod’s Louboutins? Me… I love!

Click click click for more of Siri Tollerod’s editorial at Numéro Tokyo (February 2008).

Siri Tollerod
Numéro Tokyo Magazine (February 2008 issue)
Photo: René Habermacher and Jannis Tsipoulanis

Siri Tollerod, Numero Tokyo Magazine, February 2008

Siri Tollerod, Numero Tokyo Magazine, February 2008

Siri Tollerod, Numero Tokyo Magazine

Siri Tollerod, Numero Tokyo Magazine

Siri Tollerod, Numero Tokyo Magazine

Siri Tollerod, Numero Tokyo Magazine

Siri Tollerod, Numero Tokyo Magazine

Siri Tollerod, Numero Tokyo Magazine

Hotness, no?

I also love the black Chanel sequined robe from the 2008 Cruise collection.


  1. I’m not quite sure if I like the spine sticking out; it, especially with the setting and lighting, looks rather creepy.

  2. Gorgeous shoes but her back looks like a corpse. You’d look hotter in them :)

  3. hey b, have you seen the fendi spring/summer 08 ad campaign with raquel zimmerman? and prada with sasha? two of my faves. kate looks weird in the ysl i think.

  4. I don`t like the cropping, they cut the shoes off in favor of her skeletal back. The lighting also helps to give the perfect idea of a corpse propped up. The dress on her seems shapeless and the pose makes no sense to me. I don`t get it…

    I think that shot was taken to deliberately show her bony back.

  6. wow….the dress looks like a body bag.this pic makes me uncomfortable…..banging shoes tho!

  7. It’s about TIME you post good thinspiration!!! here I am thinking you’ve crossed over to the dark side… I guess I was wrong.
    Siri is fabulous! You should post pictures of Kim Noorda though. Kim <3 <3 <3!

  8. Clara Jossa

    I love the eyebrows!
    The second to the last picture is classic. Love it!

  9. she looks anorexic.. definitely not hot, and a thumbs down to Louboutin (yeah i never thought it poss either) if he approves that pic. it is totally not Louboutin and would bring great disappointment to every CL lover in the fashiosphere if he were to extol these..

  10. Mad at her

    What a tasteless editorial, where is the sensuality. René Habermacher and Jannis Tsipoulanis…who are they?? Honestly, the back photo of the dress is just disgusting, on the other photos she doesnt look to thin, hope she’ll be sent home on the next runway shows she’ll do! TEAM SNEJANA

  11. I don’t like the last pic, really too skinny look, where is the “i’m natural thin” policy? but i love the rest of the editorial.

  12. Want. Those. Sunglasses.
    Ill trade my kidney or liver or whatever organ you don’t need for those sunglasses… Any takers??

  13. Love the shoes, but that dead person is DISGUSTING. My god how I’d love to forcefeed this bitch…

  14. her back is gross. although there’s a site who sells shoes inspired by those red soles. visit

  15. Damn, those pesky fashionistas are just asking for trouble, aren’t they? I can see Beth Ditto flying out of her pen right now… Seriously, it’s just not nice. Please don’t tell me that girl ‘eats right’ and looks like that. Enough.

  16. voguelove94

    oh i love siri. its sad how shes so skinny.
    hey but i do love her louboutins.
    whoes skinner?? vlada(roslyakova) or Siri??

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