Radio Time!

Written By bryanboy

Radio Time!

Ladies! If have access to Sirius Satellite Radio and you’re in the USA, tune in at 9:05PM Easter (6:05PM Pacific) today because I’m gonna be on radio!

Tune it to OutQ Channel 109 (Derek & Romaine Show) in less than 1 hour.

Visit for more information. I don’t think y’all can listen to the show online but the folks at GayBloggies are gonna record it for me. My voice sounds like nails carving a chalkboard but whatevs.

I’m nervous as fuck but hella I have to whore myself.


Update – 10:30AM. OK. That was fun. When I joined the line, everyone was talking about vibrators and batteries exploding all over the place!!! LOL. I don’t understand why the other contestants think I’m the biggest threat on Gay Bloggies. Hahahaha! I know why… that’s because I’m pretttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Just kidding. Thanks Derek and Romaine for the time! I’m definitely gonna get a vibrator this Christmas season.

But most importantly, a big thank you to my loyal readers who voted for me — bitches you better continue voting for me until I win! I love you all!


  1. I can’t believe you went on their show. They don’t deserve you. Both of them are egomaniac slime balls.

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